Why Infanta Cristina has given in to Urdangarin’s challenge: the Bidart house and the monthly payment of 25,000 euros

Divorce was already a cry in this broken marriage. This separation process takes us back to January 2022, on the way to two years. Now that Irene Urdangarin is of legal age, it was time to close the agreement between Cristina de Borbón and Iñaki. The infanta has given in the distribution of property. Because? And why did they kiss in that Pablo Urdangarin match?

There are two properties. The two of them are very emotionally charged for Cristina. The houses of Bidart and Baqueira Beret. Infanta Cristina has settled with the property of Bidart and has granted her still husband the enjoyment of this home. There is a disastrous coincidence that the beach of this beautiful Basque-French town was the setting where the first photos of Iñaki walking hand in hand with his girlfriend, Ainhoa ​​Armentia, were captured. The former duke has achieved one of his objectives: to stay with Bidart, as reported by Juan Luis Galiacho in Cuatro al día. But not with Baqueira Beret. The ski resort house was a red line for the infanta. It is a chalet that the royal family enjoys in usufruct. Iñaki, no longer part of it, can no longer set foot on it.

Another point on which there has been agreement is money. According to Galiacho, Urdangarin has already received half of the compensation that was set for his years of marriage with the daughter of the emeritus Kings, which reaches one million euros. In addition, his pay has been established at 25,000 euros per month as a compensatory pension. Why has the infanta given in?

Cristina has been invisible in the Royal House since the Noos case broke out. She lost her title of Duchess of Palma. She left Spain and settled in Geneva, after living in Washington. Cristina disappeared from the public scene. We have only seen her coincide with her brother, King Philip VI, at her funerals, like her aunt Infanta Pilar or her uncle Constantine of Greece. Now the infanta wants to turn the page. The only way to start over is to close a divorce whose process has dragged on for almost two years.

The kiss of the former dukes of Palma from a few days ago also now makes sense. There were certain gestures of approach and we saw no tension between them. Irene’s graduation brought them together in June. Later, it was Pablo’s party. His parents wanted to be with the player at his debut in the European League with his new team, Fraikin BM Granollers. Cristina and Iñaki’s kiss occurred at the match on September 2, according to Hola magazine on its cover. There was already an agreement between them.