Table tennis is one of the most exciting and fun sports to bet on. It’s often overlooked when compared to other options, but a table tennis game provides dozens of different bets you can make. It goes far beyond betting on who will win.

In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of bets the table tennis betting sites offer and how you can use them to increase your winnings as much as you can. As it’s the case with betting on winners, before betting on other outcomes we’ll mention, a player should carefully study the statistics, rather than relying on luck.

Outright Betting

Outright betting is one of the most popular bets you can make on table tennis matches. It’s a simple bet in which a player chooses which team or a player will win the whole tournament. This bet is usually made before the tournament starts, but you can also bet at different stages. The potential winnings get smaller, as you approach the final stage.

The betting sites will come up with the odds before the tournament and there are usually one or two favorites. Betting on the sure thing won’t bring you much winnings, but it can be combined with other bets, as a way to balance the odds.

Match Betting

Match betting is another common bet in table tennis. In this bet, the players choose who will win a particular match and they get paid if they choose right. The bet is popular because it’s simple and you can bet even if you don’t know much about the game.

A lot of the time, players add to this bet, by betting on a score or by betting on more than one match at a time. This increases the potential winnings but lowers your odds.

Correct Score

A correct score bet is one of the more difficult bets you can make on a table tennis game. As the name suggests, the player bets on the exact score of the game. It provides the largest winnings of all the bets we mentioned but therefore it’s the least likely bet to win.

There are less difficult versions of this bet, however. In these bets, player place their wager on a difference with which a table tennis player will win. In order to place such bets, you can rely on luck or spend a long time studying the statistics to somewhat increase your odds.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is common with all sports that come with a clear score and so is the case with table tennis. This type of bet is sometimes also called “the spread”. Gambling sites even the tables when one team or player has a clear and overwhelming advantage. They add a handicap to make the bets more interesting.

For instance, if there’s a 3-point handicap that means that the player needs to win with a 3-point difference in order to win. That way, it isn’t enough for the clear favorite to win, they need to do so decisively.

Points Betting

Points betting is sometimes called over or under bet. In this bet, the players wager on how many points will be scored in a game of table tennis. This usually comes in the form of betting that there will be over or under a certain number of points. It includes points made by both players

The odds of winning this wager are a bit lower than with most other bets on our list, but that also means the winnings are higher if you manage to guess the score.

Special Bets

Special bets refer to the additional bets you can make on a table tennis game. These won’t affect who will win the game, but they can increase your potential winnings. Such bets aren’t guesses, they are made on events that happen during the game and a skilled player can discern the outcome from statistics and past performances.

First game winner

In this bet, a player wagers on who will win the first game. The bet isn’t connected with who will win the game overall, and the returns are higher if a player that lost the first game ends up winning the match overall.

Third game winner

This is the same type of bet, but you wager on who will win the third game. Potential winnings are usually higher with this one.

Games decided by extra points

A game of table tennis is won by winning eleven points, or with a two-point difference if the end score is 10:10. With this special bet, you wager that the match will go into the additional points and possibly on who the winner will be.

Accumulating Bets

Most players accumulate more than one bet on a single ticket. That way you’ll increase your potential winnings. For instance, you can bet on who will win the whole match, who will win the first game, and how many points will be scored during the match.

A ticket such as this is only won if you win all the individual bets. Most online betting sites allow the players to cash out at any point during the match and therefore give up on the bets, as the table tennis match stands at the moment.

Set up a Betting Budget

There are some rules and tips that work for table tennis betting as much as they do for any other wager. One of those is to set up a budget for betting and stick to it no matter what. That way you’ll set up a limit you’re willing to lose and won’t chase the loss if your luck runs out.

Most online gambling sites allow the players to automate this process, by setting up the limit after which you’ll be signed out of the account for a period of time. This is a more secure option than relying on your willpower alone.

It’s not A Game of Luck

Table tennis isn’t a game of luck and betting on it shouldn’t be either. No one can know who will win every match and that’s what makes this sport interesting and exciting to watch. However, there are ways to make educated bets, supported by statistics.

The best thing a player can do is to study past games and statistics before every match and base their bet on odds and carefully studied chances. There’s nothing wrong with betting on longshots and that’s one way to win big, but before you do so, make sure you understand your chances, as they really are. Most online betting sites will provide their users with enough information to make such calls.


Table tennis is one of the most rewarding and fun sports to bet on, not only when compared to other less popular sports. Recently, the Spanish female team recovered from the narrow defeat against the host Sweden that surprised even the most experienced table tennis gamblers. There are many different bets you can make on table tennis matches. Some are as simple as betting on who will win a match or a championship. Others are more complex and they are the ones with higher payouts.

It’s also possible to combine bets and therefore multiply your winnings. As is the case with any sports betting, the key is to study the teams and their chances and to use the odds and the bet size to your advantage.