Madrid hosts the National Regional Sports Congress this Saturday


The Confederation of Unions of Autonomous Federations of Spain (CUFADE) will celebrate this Saturday at the WiZink in Madrid the National Congress of Autonomous Sports, in which 13 autonomous communities will participate through their respective federative associations.

The president of the Union of Sports Federations of Madrid (UFEDEMA), Vicente Martínez Orga, highlighted that CUFADE was born twelve years ago with the idea of ​​”strengthening the autonomous federative fabric” and being able to improve the benefits of the more than 800 autonomous federations that they represent. to almost four million members.

“Currently, there are 13 autonomous communities that have an association that unites all their autonomous federations and provides them with services,” he added.

Martínez Orga highlighted the support provided to this event by the General Directorate of Sports of the Community of Madrid. During the congress, through different round tables and presentations, aspects related to regional federated sport will be analyzed such as sustainability, the importance of communication, the improvement factor, protocol, psychology or marketing, among other issues. .

The opening table will be made up of Alberto Tomé, general director of Sports of the Community of Madrid; Gerard Esteva, president of CUFADE; and Vicente Martínez Orga, president of UFEDEMA. The program will be completed with a presentation by footballer Emilio Nsue, Golden Boot winner in the African Cup.

This is the third CUFADE congress, which previously took place in Valladolid and Bilbao. The Madrid Sports Press Association, which will be present at the event to address the topic of the importance of communication in federations, is a collaborating entity of UFEDEMA.