Narcís Rebollo and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, the most ‘connected’ VIPs at the concert of the year: their photos with Taylor Swift

The president of Universal Music Spain and the daughter of the Duchess of Alba are two of the well-known faces who this Wednesday, along with other celebrities such as Aitana and Ryan Reynolds, enjoyed the Pennsylvania star’s first concert at the new Santiago Bernabéu.

Taylor Swift belongs to the same record label that Narcís Rebollo runs from Spain, so the presence of the aristocrat and her husband was practically guaranteed.

When the show ended, both were photographed with the 34-year-old singer backstage. “The boss inaugurates the Santiago Bernabéu in style, the first big night of her The Eras Tour in Madrid,” Rebollo wrote on Instagram.

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, for her part, shared videos during the concert and even published a photo with the actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively. The load that Rebollo has allows them both to enjoy privileges like these, even if they are not big fans of the artists they see live. In fact, Eugenia does not follow Taylor on Instagram, as is the case with certain guest influencers who were also among the attendees.

Narcís and Eugenia, due to the position of one and the family roots of the other, are two of the most influential people in Spanish society. They do not miss the most important shows in the country and are in all the parties that go beyond the social chronicle. Among all the examples of the parties that do not escape them, their flamenco party with the American first lady, Jill Biden, in mid-2022 comes to mind, or more recently, the welcome they gave at the beginning of this year to Hillary Clinton in Seville. They enjoyed dinner at the Palacio de Las Dueñas.