Facing the crisis, transfers and titles. That is the formula that Real Madrid has used this July to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus, which is estimated for the club at up to 180 million euros. Between the sales of footballers and the prizes derived from being the league champion, Madrid has scored 85 million euros in their favor in July. One August in advance calculator in hand.

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Achraf's sales to Inter, Javi Sánchez to Valladolid and De Frutos and Dani Gómez to Levante will leave the club with 48 million euros. The most important operation is that of the international side player for Morocco, whose transfer to Serie A will report 40 million euros in different terms and 5 more in bonuses if the team bianconero meets a series of objectives. The other youth squads leave a pinch. 3 million from Javi Sánchez and 2.5 each from De Frutos and Dani Gómez. In these three cases, Madrid has only transferred 50% of the rights, so it could redeem them at a reduced price or take advantage of future sales.

On the other hand, there are the revenues of having won the League title, via television rights and income from the Champions League. Since the centralized sale of audiovisual rights came into effect, every position in the championship counts. The calculation is somewhat convoluted. Of the amount (90%) that corresponds to LaLiga Santander clubs, 25% is distributed according to the classification in the last five seasons. Although the current campaign only weighs 35% in this five-year distribution and the champion 'barely' keeps 17%, Being a champion amounts to around 25 million euros net direct. But, in turn, the multi-year criterion ensures Madrid another 46 million to receive in the next four campaigns (an amount that we have excluded from the 85 referred to at the beginning).

Distribution of LaLiga's audiovisual rights

»10% for LaLiga SmartBank clubs.

»90% for LaLiga Santander clubs.

  • 50% equally between the 20 clubs.
  • 25% depending on social implantation (in proportion to box office receipts and season tickets and television audiences).
  • 25% based on the ranking of the last five seasons:
      • · 35% according to the classification of the current season.
      • · 20% according to the classification of the previous season.
      • · 15% each of the other three seasons.
      • · Of what corresponds to each campaign, the champion takes 17%; the second, 15%; the third, 13%; the fourth, 11% …

Of these gross amounts, 8.5% is deducted from the clubs in compliance with the obligations of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, to which the Viana Pact agreements have been incorporated.

Source: Consolidated text of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, of April 30, on urgent measures in relation to the commercialization of the rights to exploit audiovisual content in professional football competitions.

48 transfers plus 25 in the League make 73 million. The remaining 12 to round the account of 85 come from the money corresponding to Madrid's market pool of the next Champions. Within the various criteria for allocating money in the maximum continental competition, the Spanish teams share approximately 60 million euros among themselves (in a conservative scenario, since the exact figure varies according to the federations from which the 32 participants come. in the group stage, in the 18-19 there were more than € 63.8 M). Half of those 60 million are distributed according to the classification in the National League the previous season and the champion keeps 40%, that is, about 12 million euros.