Machín begins to show his cards in Alavés

Pablo Machín already draws on the grass the Alavés he wants for the centenary. In the first two friendlies, he has been faithful to his system, with three center-backs and two lanes in the defensive zone, although he has introduced some variants in attack. At the start of the fourth week of work, the coach and players strive to engage as soon as possible. The fight for salvation seems very tough in this course and there are no concessions at the start.

Although the Soriano indicated in his presentation that he was going to mold his style book to the characteristics of the footballers who are currently on the squad, the truth is that at the beginning he has chosen to remain faithful to the drawing that brought him so many successes in Girona , a club to which it was promoted to the First Division for the first time in its history.

In the absence of one more center-back, the coach begins to be clear about the distribution of roles, at least in the defensive zone. Ximo Navarro and Rubén Duarte, due to their mobility, seem called to start the competition in the starting eleven. Along with them, he has lined up both Ely and Laguardia. By gallons in the squad and for the moment in a current way, the scale right now opts towards the Aragonese.

In the lanes, he is dividing minutes between two sides and two ends, who act in pairs. In the first parts of the two friendlies played so far, Edgar Méndez played on the right and Javi López on the left. If Arafo's sits on the right wing, it can offer an interesting performance. As for the young left-back, it is a strong bet on the part of the club, which this year has incorporated him to the first team. His spare parts, for now, are Martín Aguirregabiria and Luis Rioja. The Gasteiztarra's ability to join the attack plays in his favor, while the Andalusian knows how to sacrifice himself in defensive tasks and, with more meters ahead, he can take advantage of his speed point.

Pere Pons

In the center of the field, everything is to be decided. Manu García is not one hundred percent physically and has not yet entered the call. Tomás Pina only played the first game. For all this, Pere Pons is the one who is accumulating the most minutes in this area. He played 45 minutes against Huesca and was one of those who played the most against Osasuna. The Catalan offers himself and wants the ball. Your desire to feel important is appreciated, but you need help.

The early incorporation of Rodrigo Battaglia and the possible arrival of a new midfielder will complete this demarcation in which the rest of the midfielders, led by Javi Muñoz, will not have an easy time winning a place in the first squad.

While waiting for the role that Deyverson will play, minutes in the offensive zone are going to be expensive. Apparently so far, the Joselu-Lucas Pérez couple will continue to be the main bet, something logical considering their performance in the past year. Although Alavés is still very imprecise with the ball and it is difficult for them to reach the rival goal, it seems that this season they will have more support.

Pablo Machín closely follows the young Borja Sáinz. Leioa's player played 45 minutes against Huesca and the full duel against Osasuna. He looks very incisive and eager to take advantage of the opportunity. In the first half against the rojillos, Machín opted for a 1-3-4-3, with Joselu in the lead and with the young Biscayan and Lucas Pérez fallen on the wing.

Of all the men of attack, the one who has it worst is John Guidetti. Everything indicates that it will be very difficult to play minutes in this Alavés and, as in the past year, a way out is being sought. He still has two seasons left on his contract and he has one of the highest chips.

The rest of the players that make up the long squad, for now, will have to wait. Most do not count and the club tries to find a way out for them, something very complicated in the current market, very withdrawn by the crisis triggered by the pandemic.