He Real Madrid got up early to carry out his second training session of the season. The session started shortly before 10:00 am and had a huge physical load, in addition to exercises with the ball and shots. Mariano and Brahim they didn't jump on the grass, but they trained alone within the facilities. Similar case is that of Ceballos, who exercised so individual on the green of Valdebebas.

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The three may be living their last days as Madrid players this season: Mariano he is close to leaving for Benfica; Brahim, one step away from Milan; and Ceballos He will return to Arsenal on loan. James Rodríguez repeated absence in the session, being the fourth proper name of the white 'exit operation'. His signing for him Everton de Ancelotti could be closed at any moment.

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Real Madrid players touch the ball during the session.

The training, which lasted almost two hours, began with a great physical load, through aerobic and anaerobic work with and without the ball. After they were made control, driving and possession exercises, in addition to a series of shots on goal. The team will return to training tomorrow at the same time (10:00 a.m.) in Valdebebas. He already does it knowing when his first league commitment will be: at the Reale Arena against Real Sociedad (See the key dates and the full Real Madrid calendar).