Types and Benefits of Online Casino Promo Codes

Types and Benefits of Online Casino Promo Codes

Casinos have existed for centuries. The only thing that has changed is the way casino games are played. Back in the days, people had no option, but to visit a casino to gamble. But today, we have the convenience to play casino games right from our houses. All this has been made possible by the internet.

The popularity of casino games has become almost double after it is shifted to an online platform. This allows everyone to play casino games from their house. Not just that, but online casinos also have more game options to choose from. They also offer different kinds of bonuses to make the games more interesting.

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Promo Codes

Promo Codes are offered by almost all casino sites these days. That’s because it is beneficial to both the casino and the players. First of all, these promo codes are a great marketing technique to get new players and also to retain old ones.

Players are often given bonuses which gives them a kickstart in their casino games. Promo codes are crucial for the gambling industry. Without it, there would be no or very little competition among online casinos.

The good thing is that there are different types of promo codes offered by casinos. This is why they are loved by players. For example, you have the sign-up bonus which is given to you as soon as you register or open an account on a casino site. Once you are done with the full registration process, the bonus money will automatically be sent to your bank account. This is perhaps the most common type of promo code bonus you will find.

Other than the sign-up bonus, you will come across other promotional offers like refer a friend and win and rewards for playing with real money.

Most online casinos give you both seasonal and long-term bonuses which is a great thing. That being said, now let’s check out the details of the promotional offers.


  • Refer a friend


By referring your friend to join the casino site, you can win extra money. As soon your friend registers on the site, you get the bonus. The money is transferred directly to your account. The more people you invite, the more money you will get. However, you have to make sure that they are registering on the site, or else just inviting them won’t work.

To activate this bonus, you need to invite someone who is not registered on the site yet. The invitation contains a unique URL with the promotional code. The invited player needs to complete the registration process using the code. 


  • Rewards program for real money 


Many casinos reward you with points for playing with real money. To put it simply, you can earn points for all the real money you use for playing. You can then use your rewards points to get bonus money and other prizes.

This is the type of promotional offer you will get only in some casinos. However, you should end up spending too much out of greed. Make sure you keep your casino budget aside and stick to it so that you don’t end up in problems later on.

What are the benefits of getting a sign-up bonus?

As a customer/player, getting a sign-up bonus can be beneficial for you. Most players select a site to play after checking the bonus amount the site is offering. Players tend to go for sites that offer bigger bonuses.

The main benefits of getting promo codes are:


  • Gives you a head start


The first obvious benefit of getting a sign-up bonus is that it gives you a head start. Just as you sign-up on the site, you get free money to get your game started. Although this is a great trick to trap customers, it can also benefit you a lot.


  • Allows you to play new games


Online casinos have a wide range of games to choose from. With so many games available, it can often become confusing to choose one. This is why casinos offer exclusive bonuses on every game that they introduce new. So if you don’t want to waste your money trying out a new game, then these bonuses can be really helpful. Sometimes, they give you huge bonuses just to lure you to play that game.

Promo codes can be of different types. Almost all online casinos offer promo codes to players. The most common type of promotional offer is a welcome or sign-up bonus. When choosing a site to play, don’t forget to check the bonus amount offered by the site.