The duel that the
Atlético de Madrid
and the Seville at Metropolitan Wanda was mediated by the continuous complaints of the coach of the Andalusian team, Julen lopetegui.

Regrets before, during and after the game. Earlier due to the fact that his team had less rest than the Athletic (Obviating that the rojiblanco team spent four days without being able to train normally and that they had them because their match against the Athletic it was postponed due to the storm); during the game also for some decisions; and of course, after the match, because he understood that his team had not deserved to lose.

During the game he did not stop calling attention to the plays that he understood were not being well refereed by a Estrada Fernandez who ended up admonishing the Basque coach for his continuous instructions.

Luis Suárez had an exchange of words with the Sevilla coach.
Luis Suárez had an exchange of words with the Sevilla coach.

So tired were the mattresses with the Basque's continuous diatribes that Luis Suarez He did not hesitate to hesitate at the end of the crash. It was when it was changed. According to the images collected by ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’, Lopetegui He demanded that the referee add more time for the change of the Uruguayan, but he replied defiantly: “We have been standing for five minutes. Look, there you have time, have a nice drink ”.

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