Luis Rubiales’s mother explodes after her first night on hunger strike: “I want this girl to tell the truth”

This Tuesday the mother of Luis Rubiales, Angeles Bejarhas offered his first statements since the previous day he decided to start a hunger strike in defense of his son due to the controversy of the kiss to the athlete Jenni Hermoso, whom he requests to “tell the truth” about what happened.

In the interview for WhatsApp broadcast by Telecinco, with the woman from inside the church of Motril where he has already spent a whole night with the purpose of not eating indefinitely, Béjar has said: “I will be there until my body holds out, I don’t mind dying for justice because my son is a decent person. It is not fair what they are doing”.

The reporter has also asked him about his state of health, after have seen a doctor walk into the church this Tuesday morning. “I’m fine, I believe a lot in God and I ask for the truth”, has sentenced the mother of the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, currently suspended from his duties due to the controversy generated.

Also, apparently the priest of the church is not happy with what is happening inside: “We saw him leave early this morning, he did not want to give any statement and he did not seem comfortable with the situation at all”, explained the Telecinco reporter who has gone there .