Alexia Putellas: “We all want there to be respect for our profession”


The player of the Spanish team and the Barça Femenino Alexia Putellas assured this Tuesday that “all” the soccer players want “there to be respect” towards their profession, so that they can be “focused 24/7” on soccer, without “investing energy in meetings” to get “better infrastructures and facilities”, all to build a “legacy”.

“We all want there to be respect for our profession, just as there is in the men’s profession, we simply fight for that. We not only need the help of the players, unity is the first step, but we want to leave a legacy, so that the next ones don’t have to worry about these things, because in the end it is energy that you focus on other things that are not really your job,” Putellas said in an interview with the Mexican outlet TUDN collected by Europa Press.

In the midst of the controversy that has plagued the brand new world champion team due to the kiss from Luis Rubiales, suspended as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), to Jenni Hermoso, the Barça player insisted that the work of the soccer players “is on the field, 24/7 being a soccer player”.

“But not investing energy in meetings, in getting better infrastructures, better facilities that help you do your job well. That’s why we also need executives, institutions that fight for that so that we can be focused on it,” added the midfielder. one of the players who signed a statement in which they assured that they would not return to the national team until there were no structural changes.

On the first star embroidered by Spain in the World Cup, Putellas acknowledged that “not yet” has assimilated it, “like the Leagues, the Champions” achieved with Barça. “I always say the same thing, I’ll be aware of the whole day I decide to hang up my boots. I think I’ll look back then and keep all that, with the moments with my teammates, with the first times at the Camp Nou, that connection with the fans, having emptied myself”, he reflected, although there are “many years” left for that.

The double Ballon d’Or winner needed and wanted to “be with the team as soon as possible”, which is why she brought her return forward to be on the Barça pre-season tour in Mexico. “My situation last year we already know what it was, that I was injured almost the entire season with the knee operation, so I need to get back into routines. My body also asked me for that, it asked me for a few days off, I already had them and 15 days, 10 days, seemed too much to me,” he explained.

“Since I got injured I feel like you never know when it’s going to be the last time, if it’s going to happen again. Also, it’s an experience to be at the Azteca Stadium, with so many fans, with people from Barça in Mexico, for me it’s something history and I want to experience it and enjoy it,” he added.

Finally, Putellas was “super grateful” for the reception of the Mexican fans. “The truth is that we did not expect this intensity. Super grateful to have the opportunity to be here, that the culés here also enjoy and try to take advantage of this and give them a show,” she concluded.