Lolita breaks down when talking about Àngel Llàcer’s health: “I don’t know if he will be able to return to the program”

Recently arrived from Tudela, where she has just been on tour with her ‘Poncia’, Lolita This Monday, May 20, he attended the XLIX edition of the Orange and Lemon Awards of the Peña Periodística Primera Plana, where this year he was awarded the sweetest, the Orange. “I am very excited because this award is given to you by the press and we have had times of fighting a lot, but thank God that was many years ago and now we get along very well. Furthermore, since we already have a very boring life, we do not give reasons “said the actress, who recognized that she was not going to extend the night or stay for dinner because she needed to rest and go home to lie down and be with her grandchildren and her children, who are doing very well professionally: “Elena is starting a movie and Guillermo is with his music, he has a concert on June 20 and I’m happy, thank God,” Lolita boasted.

However, she has made another family, the television one: her colleagues at the jury table of Your face is familiar to me. For this reason, Lolita was very affected when talking about the state of health of Angel Lazarus after having suffered poisoning on his trip to Vietnam: “Thank God he is out of danger and out of the hospital, I don’t know if he will be able to return to Your face is familiar to me because they have told him to rest, but from here I tell him that I love him, although we talk a lot because we have a chat with the jury,” he said before lamenting: “Your face is familiar to me Without my Àngel it is not the same and I get excited… because in the programs that remain I know that I am going to miss him very much.”

For Lolita, her Antena 3 colleagues are now “a family”: “We have been together for about six years and we already look at each other and understand each other.” For this reason, she did not hesitate to comment on the signing of Carlos Latre by Mediaset to conduct its new proposal of the access al prime time: “That’s up to each individual, the only thing I wish for Carlos is that he does as well as he has done so far,” he said.