Bárbara Rey talks about her ‘piquito’ with Chelo: “I love her very much, although we have had our little things”

He is not living his best moment, but Barbara Rey He has decided that if life gives him lemons, he must make a good lemonade to toast. Thus, turning her back on the bitter moments that she is experiencing, the former star has decided to leave the house, have fun and celebrate. She already did it this past Saturday at the Loco Bongo XXL event held at the WiZink Center, where Bárbara not only demonstrated her ability to forget her sorrows and have a good time, but also gave the spectators who gathered there a great moment by reliving with her friend Chelo García-Cortés his famous “night of love” with a spontaneous kiss that caused a sensation not only in the venue, but also in networks and the media.

With the same festive spirit, the mother of the ‘survivor’ Angel Christ Junior went this Monday, May 20, to the NH Collection Hotel to receive the Lemon Award by the Peña Periodística Primera Plana, which in the XLIX Edition of its Orange and Lemon Awards have decided that the least sweet one would be for her. However, Bárbara not only accepted it with humor, but also said: “I love this award, although I have to say that I am very orange with the press, because I always attend to you, but as a good Murcian woman I really like lemon, more than the orange when it comes to consuming it. And the fact that they give me the Lemon Award will be because there has been a time when I have been not more unfriendly, but more silent because there are times when I don’t feel like talking. And this one. award, although some famous people didn’t like it, I do like it. The orange is too sweet… The lemon has more strength and more punch. , he said in clear reference to his own strength.

In fact, when faced with compliments from journalists about his good appearance at 74 years old, he stressed that nothing has been done for a long time, and said: “Sometimes it seems that when faced with some things that happen to one in life, God gave you a special light and strength, because I am very at peace with myself and with a very clear conscience and that emerges and is transmitted in the skin and In the eyes”he stressed before continuing: “I have gone through very hard times in my life, not only now, but they have always helped me stay afloat. And I have so much strength and desire that I think that is transmitted with my eyes and my skin.” .

Although at the event he did not want to comment on his son, he did talk about the kiss he had two nights before with Chelo García-Cortés in Loco Bongo: “I had a great time because it’s an audience that adores me, that loves me, and I love them too, and then afterwards I had a good time with Chelo”she joked before clarifying: “We are important to each other. I love Chelo very much although from time to time we have had our little things. But she works in a medium where from time to time she speaks… But I love her a lot and so does my daughter. For me, Chelo is part of the family and no matter what he does to me…”, he said before launching his last message, this one clearly destined for Honduras: “It always happens with the people who are in your family, that they do what they do to you, you still love them.”