The Lokomotiv arrived in Madrid on Monday night to face Atlético on Wednesday in the fourth day of the group stage of the Champions League. And he did it with 23 players in his call and the losses of Smolov, Barinov and Rotenberg.

Marko nikolic displaced the porters to the Spanish capital Guilherme, Kochenkov and Savin; the defenders Zhivoglyadov, Lysov, Corluka, Ignatiev, Murilo, Rybus, Rajkovic and Silyanov; midfielders Krychowiak, Miranchuk, Zhemaletdinov, Magkeev, Iosifov, Kulikov, M. Mukhin, Rybchinsky; and the forwards Eder, Kamano, Ze Luis, Lisakovich.

The Russian team will train this afternoon on the stage of the match, the Wanda Metropolitano. A feud that they already know from last season, although this time, they will play in it without an audience.

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