Robert Lewandowski (32 years old), enters the scene hard. As AS has learned from sources close to the Polish striker, the player It's open to possibility to change of scene and face new challenges. After seven seasons performing at the highest level in the Bayern Munich, and eleven in the Bundesliga, because before you have to add four in Borussia, Lewy think it's him perfect moment in order to know another culture and another League. He has a contract with Bayern until 2023, the main stumbling block, as the Munich club is very reluctant to sell him.

But the reality of the player's interest in changing the scene puts him squarely in the plans of some of the main teams of the continent, and even makes him the protagonist of future chained movements. At the moment, Lewandowski has offers of several top teams. PSG look for a striker with guarantees. What United (after Cavani) and City (after Agüero). And even Chelsea, current champion of the Champions despite the little success shown by Werner.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Lewandowski also opens a new path for Madrid if Haaland fails. It was about to sign for the white club in 2014, just before his Transfer to Bayern, which came at zero cost from Borussia. The Pole had captivated Florentino in April 2013 when he got off the white team alone in the semifinals of the Champions League. with a poker. Lewy He had already committed to Bayern, but his representative at the time, Cezary Kucharski, came to offer Madrid the possibility that he would pay the 20 million penalty clause to break with the Munich team and play at the Bernabéu. Lewandowski had given the green light. But Florentino did not see it clearly at the last moment and dismissed the idea.

Shortly after, the diaryOnet Sport brought to light the contract that Madrid put on the table. Six seasons, with a gross salary of 8.6 million that would be paid twice: February 10 and July 10 of each year. In addition, by arriving for free, Lewandowski received on February 10, 2015 a transfer bonus of 11 million gross. After that, in 2016, Lewandowski and Madrid tried again but I end up renewing.

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The Lewandowski illusion always has been play for Madrid. It would be a dream for him to do it before his career ends. That is why three years ago (after 2016) he left his agent, Kucharski, and put himself in the hands of the renowned Israeli middleman Pini Zahavi. Now, despite Bayern's initial refusal to sell him, the unpredictable movements of the summer keep Madrid on their toes, even with a view to the summer of 2022, when they only have one year left on their contract.

The world of football, and Madrid, now know of his intentions. “I'm still open-minded. I feel good at Bayern, the city is magnificent, it is a great club. I've always been curious about learn a new language, a new culture. But I don't know if it will be in football or after my career, I do not even know“, left in the air a few days ago.

“Now I can sit at Messi and Cristiano's table,” Lewandowski joked after beating ethis season the goal record marked by Müller in a Bundesliga championship (reached 41 and Torpedo had set the mark at 40). The Pole is the most incisive striker in Europe in the last two seasons, in which no one has been able to score more goals than him, 55 and 48 respectively. And it was chosen The Best in the last edition held. Since he arrived in top-level football, at Bayern, he has been unstoppable. He has been scoring 40 goals or more for six seasons. And always around the 50 games played.

Temp Team Part. Goals
20/21 Bayern Munich 40 48
19/20 Bayern Munich 47 55
18/19 Bayern Munich 47 40
17/18 Bayern Munich 48 41
16/17 Bayern Munich 47 43
15/16 Bayern Munich 51 42
14/15 Bayern Munich 49 25
13/14 Borussia D. 48 28
12/13 Borussia D. 49 26
11/12 Borussia D. 47 30
10/11 Borussia D. 43 9
09/10 Lech Poznan 3. 4 twenty-one
08/09 Lech Poznan 48 twenty
07/08 Znicz Pruszków 3. 4 twenty-one
06/07 Znicz Pruszków 29 16