Lequio’s significant words to Aless in the midst of Obregón’s motherhood: “Always walking in the same direction”

This Wednesday, April 19, it was launched The shrew boys, the book that the young man began to write Aless Lequio and that his mother finished, Ana Garcia Obregon. In it, the actress and presenter talks about the illness of the entrepreneur, who died of cancer at the age of 27 in 2020, and she explains her last wishes. Among them, “having children” even after death.

In the midst of a maelstrom of information, Alessandro Lequio He launched a request at the beginning of the week from his program: “Out of respect for my principle of silence, I need to not speak anymore. Although in recent days I have made some specific comments due to the pressure I have felt, my wish is not to do so. Everything say I want to do it in the privacy of my family, which is important to me”.

However, after these words he made some statements that can be interpreted in a thousand ways. About Guti, who has become a young first-time grandfather thanks to his daughter Zayra, he said: “For a grandfather, the most important thing is to see his son happy.” Asked if he likes children, he also expressed: “I like mine.”

Be that as it may, this Thursday the Italian count has reopened his Instagram profile to upload a photograph and remember Aless, who died in May 2020 from Ewing’s sarcoma: “Always walking in the same direction”, along with the hashtags that he always uses in each of his posts: #AlessForever and #LequioCity.

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In recent weeks, marked by the motherhood of the protagonist of Ana and the 7 with the semen of his deceased son, it has been striking that Alessandro did not share any snapshot of the young man, as he did on a recurring basis and in a totally natural way since his sad loss. Perhaps so that his publications would not be interpreted in one way or another, just as he has happened with his statements in Ana Rosa’s program since the shocking news broke.