The welcome menu of Juan Carlos I in Sanxenxo: Galician seafood from Piliña, the Portonovo fish shop

Fresh fish from the estuary. Says the blue and yellow sign that hangs in the large Piliña stall, in the Praza de Abastos de Portonovo (in the Pontevedra municipality of Sanxenxo). Specializing in top-quality, freshest fish and seafood, Piliña has on its list of clients Juan Carlos I. His van unloaded the seafood at his house Peter Fields the same morning that Felipe VI’s father landed at the Peinador de Vigo airport, according to an account The world.

Already in 2022 this house was chosen to supply the food that was served in the chalet of Campos, friend and host of the emeritus. Among the delicacies, he chose a rich turbot. This year, seafood platter and fresh fish to celebrate, this Wednesday the 19th, the arrival in Sanxenxo of Don Juan Carlos in Galicia.

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Piliña, the emeritus fishmonger, is popular in the Portonovo market for its premium produce: king crabs, soles, squid or white tuna, when the season starts. “I live near Pedro Campos, he is one of my regular customers,” the acclaimed fishmonger told Ok Daily.