Susanna Griso, about the Obregón girl: “She will not have financial problems, but the mother’s mental health …”

This Wednesday opens a new chapter on the case Ana Obregon following the launch of The boy with the shrewsthe book that began to write Aless Lequio and finished his mother. According to her, to comply with the last will of the entrepreneur. The same reason she would have had Ana Sandra Lequio Obregóngestated by a surrogate in Miami with the frozen sperm of the young man, who died in May 2020 from Ewing’s sarcoma.

Susanna Griso has talked about the news of the creature this Wednesday in Public mirror. Among other issues, about the money that Ana Sandra would inherit in the future when her mother-grandmother is missing from her. Lectures He figures his fortune at 30 million euros. Ana herself assured on Instagram that her little girl would not lack anything financial when she was not there because for that “her grandmother worked 40 years.”

“[La niña] she will not have financial problems, another is the mental health of a mother who now recognizes that this girl has been a support”, Griso added, also commenting on the shocking confession made by the protagonist of Ana and the 7 in her book: “She now admits that she tried to throw herself off a balcony, [que intentó] commit suicide after the death of his son.

In the book, Obregón reveals his suicide attempt from the seventh floor of a hotel in Barcelona, ​​the city where his son died after his last days in the hospital: “If my son died before me, I would not suffer for a second : I would go with him (…) Actually I planned it from the moment I was a mother”.

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Ana adds: “I stood on the railing, which was not very high, using excessive force to get one leg to the other side. Jumping into the abyss was my only option to continue living.” According to her, Alessandro, who would have arrived with her sisters, Amalia and Celia, prevented it: “They knocked on the door. Ana, Ana, open the door for God’s sake.”

The book contains 312 pages, 72 were written by Aless, the rest by her. In them, she reiterates that her son wanted to have children even after her death. According to the 68-year-old presenter, these were her son’s words days before he died: “Mom, dad… If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, although I already not be there. It is my wish… Promise me that you will do it… Please”.