Leonor passes the screen: Oviedo and the 20 years of the photo of her dating parents

Leonor passes the screen. Her brand new debut on Hispanic Heritage Day, in Madrid, in Oviedo. From the khaki uniform of Earth, to go from Country / Year. The heiress delivers the Princess of Asturias Awards a week after coming of age and swearing in the Constitution. An October race against time concentrated in just a few days.

The heiress will share the spotlight this year at the Campoamor Theater with the award-winning Meryl Streep and Haruki Murakami, cult stars in film and literature. We will see the eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia with a party look for the first time since August, when she entered the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. Oviedo is the moment of the year for her. The ceremony will be held this Friday the 20th at 6:30 p.m.

For Leonor this 43rd edition has a special meaning. She presents the awards for the fifth consecutive year and, this time, the last time as a minor. Next year she, already 18 years old, will preside over the ceremony. More details will come together this week.

Asturias marks the reunion of the Princess with her parents and sister in a much-loved public event. Since August, the Borbón cadet lady has resided in Zaragoza; and Sofia, in Wales, at UWC Atlantic College. Therefore, this year the still photography of the Royal Family in Oviedo is more anticipated. For everyone’s reunion to celebrate what will be a unique anniversary: ​​20 years since the viralized first image, together, of journalist Letizia Ortiz and Prince Felipe at these awards. A courtship that led to the announcement of the official engagement of the heir and his girlfriend on November 1, 2003.

On the 12th we saw her debut at the Kings’ reception. Against all odds, Leonor kept her Army cadet lady uniform. Her enormous surprise at meeting her colleagues from La General in the line of her greeting brought out her colors. There were knowing smiles between them. Blushing, happy and very much in character, she debuted in the groups of the agape.