Leonor, her first reappearance before Christmas: visits the Red Cross in Madrid

It is the first official act of the heiress after the Princess of Asturias Awards and her sudden loss in Cadavedo (Asturias), afflicted with gastroenteritis. Leonor, who returned to Madrid on December 9 from Wales to enjoy her winter holidays, faces a new schedule commitment and will do it alone, without her parents. The princess will hold a meeting with young volunteers participating in various Red Cross programs. The meeting will take place this Thursday, December 15 at the organization’s headquarters in Madrid.

Doña Letizia, as honorary president of the Spanish Red Cross, knows this institution from within. Last May, she chaired the event in Valencia on the occasion of World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. This event highlighted the efforts of her staff and her volunteers around the world. In her speech, the Queen highlighted “the hard and accredited work of the Red Cross”, which “reflects the good part of the human being who also has it: empathy, understanding, unity, love, help, awareness of the other. Humans who care to other humans.”

Letizia, who in the toughest months of the 2020 Covid pandemic put on the red vest as a Red Cross volunteer on her visit to the center of the Fuencarral neighborhood, in Madrid, hands over the baton to her eldest daughter so that she can get to know firsthand hand in hand the commitment of the young people who work side by side in this institution.