Diego Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, appeared before the media in the preview of the Copa del Rey match against the Cornellà in the Barcelona city (Wednesday, 6 pm).

What has he seen of Cornellà, there they admire his figure, a player has said he wants his coat.

“They have not competed in three weeks, they will have enthusiasm and enthusiasm for playing, they are preparing the game, with the enthusiasm that comes with winning, like everyone else. They handle 4-4-2 more than other systems, with a respectable order, a team characteristic that shows in every game. I can't imagine another situation than this. We have prepared the game today to try to bring the game where we pose to hurt ”.

Willian José as a substitute for Diego Costa. Would you ask for it for the Kings?

“In times of the open market I am not talking about those who can leave, because someone can always leave until the last day, nor do I talk about those who are not. The team is competing well, with internal competition, and we have to promote that, make it grow. Tomorrow they are going to play guys who have been playing less in the league, it is an opportunity to show themselves, to show that they want to play, then the coach will decide what is best for the team ”.


“There is a parenthesis is the situation, which brings us back to Trippier so that now he can be with the team. We are happy that he has returned, I gave him a hug, he went to train with the group that worked in another field. He trained very well, for us it is important, with hierarchy and we are happy that he is back in this parenthesis ”.

“I saw him, I greeted him, I saw him normal, tomorrow he will not play, he will train with those who stay in Madrid.”

Lemar, the secret to regain your level. Can Vitolo also do the same?

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“We work accordingly to what the footballer offers us. When he offers it to us, we dedicate ourselves to the search for the team to improve and the footballer to grow. Lemar, if they have seen the training sessions, they would always say that how is it possible that Lemar does not play, because there he showed what he could not in the games. In the last half he competes better, handles the game better, has more confidence and continuity and that gives us an important possibility for the team. Victor is another footballer who when we went to look for him we imagined the best, he trains with the usual intensity, sometimes he has not been able to respond, others he has been very good, I hope he finds confidence and in matches like tomorrow's he can position himself in the best way as a footballer for this team ”.

Team confidence, different from last year, as seen in Vitoria after the Alavés draw

“I always say that the end result ends up globalizing general opinion. If it is not a goal, the comment would be totally different, hence the importance of winning, of forcefulness. The team, beyond the parameters that we follow, the forcefulness in this game is lethal. Your opinion changes from one hour to the next ”.

How important is the Cup and what role does it want?

“I have always said, we had to win in 2013, before the Europa League. It was a meeting with the ‘it is possible’ at Atlético de Madrid that was going through a difficult time. We respect him, we always try to do our best, with the balance that the situation allows us, but we want to go as far as possible. Last year we had to lose to a Second B team and it hurt a lot, we couldn't get it through. We now hope to go as far as possible. It's a beautiful competition, if people come back the final is wonderful, and to get to that place you have to start well tomorrow against Cornellà ”.


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