This is football, this is the Premier. Flag goals and four goals in thirteen minutes. Tachycardic, not suitable for everyone; but recommended, highly recommended, for all lovers of this sport. What could have been a shout of authority from United, who started out commanding, ended up being from Leicester, which, despite its poor start, is three points behind red devils. The problems move to Manchester, although they had already bought the ticket.

Greenwood, with a left foot to the squad from the edge, seemed to push away all the ghosts in the 18th minute. Those who, during the week, indicated a certain discomfort in the locker room. Above all, between Cristiano Ronaldo and the coach. Now, more gasoline, more firewood … and less arguments to scare those voices away. Tielemans, twelve minutes later, already noticed. Again, great goal, with a projectile with an indecipherable trajectory, but with a clear objective: the squad contrary to the first goal.

And from goals to madness. Soyuncu (77 ‘), Rashford (81’), Vardy (82 ‘) and Daka (90’). Without pause, without respite. In between, thousands of stories. A thirteen minute pill that can cause nausea. De Gea tried to stop the tsunami, but could not. It contained it, yes, with two stops of great merit, but the Turkish central destroyed the dam and no one could close the floodgates. Not the dream comeback of Rashford, which, finally, has ended in a nightmare. Shared by all United, who have already chained three games without winning.