Le Normand: “It is painful to see Gavi suffer”


Spanish national team defender Robin Le Normand confessed that he was “happy” to score his first goal for Spain this Sunday, in the victory (3-1) over Georgia, but at the same time he was “fucked” by Gavi’s injury.

“Happy for the goal, it came from several chances and it didn’t go in. I’m screwed because of Gavi’s injury, it’s a hard blow. It has affected a lot, then you have to play, but it was in my mind,” he said in the mixed zone after the meeting at José Zorrilla.

The Real Sociedad defender spoke of the FC Barcelona midfielder as someone from his family and “a friend.” “It affects you because I had several games with him, they are already friends. We are a family. When you see one of your family or a friend like Gavi it ​​affects you. You see that he suffers, it is painful,” he said.

Gavi’s serious knee injury left the closing of the EURO 2024 qualifying phase without celebration, despite a good match from Spain. “Everything is still very far away. We have shown good football, people are enjoying it, we are playing football that represents us. We have to keep working, be humble, keep a cool head,” he stated.

“I’ve made quite a few mistakes, today in the first one I hit it, I was very happy and at home it’s a good time. I appreciate the coach’s trust but there are no pillars, the strength of this group is that each player who touches them has the coach’s ideas very clear,” he concluded.