De la Fuente: “It is a very difficult moment, we are destroyed by Gavi”


The national coach Luis de la Fuente recognized that Gavi’s serious injury during the duel against Georgia this Sunday was “a very difficult moment” and that it had left them “destroyed”, and made it clear that what happened to the FC Barcelona player It was “a disgrace” and the product of something “uncontrollable” in the world of football.

“I understand everything right now, it is a very difficult moment, very hard, for the player especially, FC Barcelona, ​​but also for the national team and for me. In the locker room it seemed like we had lost, we are destroyed, but football has these things “It is a risky activity and this is the ugly part. We are very sorry,” De la Fuente said at a press conference.

The Riojan coach confessed that it was his “hardest moment” in his career on the bench and that the Andalusian player “was broken.” “I didn’t understand that these things could happen to him. He was tremendously hurt and sad, the locker room at half-time seemed like a wake. Life has these things and when good moments come we don’t value them in their fair measure,” he said.

“I asked the players to continue working. We were heartbroken, but we had to be united to move it forward and in tribute to our fallen teammate. You don’t even talk about tactics because the important thing is to recover the players mentally and emotionally, but it was difficult. even for me to speak and explain to them what was happening,” added the one from Haro.

Furthermore, he made it clear that what worried him least was not being able to count on the FC Barcelona player. “When I talk about a player’s health, I neither think about the EURO nor the Olympic Games, I only think about his health and we will see tomorrow, Monday, and God willing it will be less than it seems, although it is unlikely after the first explorations,” warned De la Fuente in relation to the presumed rupture of the cruciate ligament that Gavi would suffer.

The coach stressed that what happened was “uncontrollable” and that it had “nothing to do” with the blow that the midfielder had received shortly before. “It was when he stepped, he stepped wrong and his knee went,” he explained. “It has been a misfortune, Gavi was perfectly fit to play like the rest, he was ‘very fresh’ and phenomenal, on Friday after the Cyprus game he wanted to train. We always protect the players and the idea was that he would not play the 90 minutes, but he It could have happened to someone else and we would be the same,” added the Riojan, who did not give the Blaugrana any rest, one of the two starters along with Robin Le Normand who repeated in the eleven against Georgia.

“Football requires an increasingly higher intensity and the calendars are what they are. November is a month that is not May, which is when the players have been there for many months. These things have more impact when they happen to more important players” , declared De la Fuente.