Fátima Flores, Argentine ‘first lady’: Milei’s Evita is a comedian and was divorced a year ago

Javier Miley He has dethroned Peronism in Argentina and will be the new president. The schools had barely closed and even before the official results were known, the Kirchner candidate Sergio Massa He publicly acknowledged his defeat, granting the far-right a victory that gives him the Casa Rosada.

Since its origin in 1945, with the military man Juan Domingo Perón at the helm, Peronism had been the hegemonic political force: it won nine presidential elections and lost four. On the other hand, anti-Peronism allied itself with the armed forces, supporting coups d’état to overthrow him and even ban him from democracy for 18 years, from 1955 to 1973, a period during which Perón went into exile and lived in Madrid, in a chalet in Puerta de Iron. Perón had his Evita and Milei has an actress girlfriend, comedian, well known in Argentina, called Fátima and has been divorced from an also famous actor for less than a year.

Political chroniclers say that the vote of rage and the desire to punish the official presidential candidate (current Minister of Economy) took away the Peronist Sergio Tomas Massa this Sunday the victory in the second round or runoff of the general elections held this Sunday. The rise in the CPI has doubled while Massa was minister: it accumulates 142.7% year-on-year, which places Argentina among the countries with the highest inflation worldwide along with Venezuela and Lebanon. And poverty has skyrocketed to 41%, that is, it reaches 18.7 million Argentines. The Argentine treasury lacks reserves. The economy is bleeding with stagflation (stagnation and hyperinflation) and with a public debt above 364,000 million euros, 85% of GDP, the highest since the banking corralito debacle in 2002. Two out of every three children and Young people are poor due to income and lack of access to basic services.

Friend of Abascal, who was quick to congratulate the president-elect

Milei, 53 years old, ultra-liberal economist and friend of Vox and Santiago Abascal, garnered 14.2 million votes nationwide, that is, 55.70%, against 11.3 million and 44.20% collected by the official candidate Massa, a professional politician, 51 years old. The percentage difference of almost 12% represents almost three million Argentines ahead. The leader of Vox took just a few minutes after the victory of his friend was announced to greet the victory: “Congratulations dear Javier Milei on your great victory in the Argentine presidential elections. Today a path of future and hope opens for the Argentines and all of Latin America that we celebrate in Spain with special joy. Long live Spain, long live Argentina, live free of socialism and sovereigns!”reads the Spanish note on his Instagram account.

For his part, the president-elect addressed the nation like this: “To all good Argentines: today the reconstruction of Argentina begins,” the winner was quick to proclaim from his party’s headquarters installed in a hotel in Buenos Aires. “Our commitment to democracy, free trade and peace,” he said, will make Argentina “a world power within 35 years,” he announced. “We Argentines are beginning to turn the page of our history. The impoverishing model of the omnipresent State is ending, the idea that the State is a loot to be shared among politicians,” he read in what was his first speech as president. elect.

Two years ago, Milei was an economist who participated, not without controversy, in television programs and where he not only talked about how bad Argentina is but also explained his love of tantric sex and other of his unusual hobbies. Milei did not have his own party, and only two years ago in 2021 he founded La Libertad Avanza, and won a seat in the Congress of Deputies, along with his vice president Victoria Villarruel.

Milei lacks a majority in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, and the new Government will have to negotiate with the right-wing Together for Change blocs and other provincial formations. The new president will take office almost immediately, on Sunday, December 10.

Fátima Florez, Milei’s girlfriend, is the new First Lady

The woman who will support and accompany Milei in this crusade to save Argentina is the actress and comedian Fátima Flórez, famous in her country, but who had always maintained a low profile regarding her private life. This Sunday afternoon, the comedian went to cast her vote dressed informally: “The reality is that I voted with my heart,” she simply declared.

Fátima is probably the best imitator currently in Argentina. In addition to Cristina Kirchner, she imitates very well Patricia Bullrich, her boyfriend’s rival in the first round and now an ally, but also Moria Casán, the mother-in-law of her boyfriend’s rival, Sergio Massa.

It was only after the primary elections on August 13 when it was announced that the candidate with the most votes, Javier Milei, had formalized his relationship with Florez. He made the courtship official in the middle of the electoral campaign and when his political opponents remarked that Milei was talking to his cloned dogs. The current president-elect was talking to Conan, his dead dog, as he recounted.

Fátima met Milei on the program Mirtha Legrand, not even a year ago, in December 2022, while still married, at least in formal terms. But they did not become intimate until a few months later, when Fátima was already separated.

The actress and comedian became famous imitating Cristina Kirchner. “Oh, I don’t understand anything about politics,” the comedian declared to the Argentine press. “When I play political characters like Cristina, I have scriptwriters. In Lanata’s I had a scriptwriter, but if you ask me, I, Fátima, don’t think we have to give an opinion on politics.”

Fátima is very famous on the other side of the Atlantic. She became very popular on Jorge Lanata’s program. Her voluptuousness and her way of dressing placed her in the center of comments at mate time and in front of the television: she did not go unnoticed. “I still think that If you have a good loin you have to know how to take advantage of it in this environment. I was tempted several times to be a star, but I really like doing what I do.” Asked if artists believe they are influential, she said no, that she didn’t think it was at all “getting into that mud.” Why? What, Fatima? “In politics you get dirty.”

Her name is María Eugenia Flórez. She was born in Olivos, province of Buenos Aires, in 1981. She is the daughter of an architect and a geography teacher. “Sometimes when I was so little and also a little older, one followed the family commandments, the family mandate, which was to study and prepare. I always dreamed of being an artist, it was my dream,” she declared. Perhaps that is why, at the table of the great Mirtha Legrand, she said that no matter what happens she was going to continue working on television.

Fátima debuted with Pepe Cibrián Campoy as a dancer in his musicals. Her artistic life changed when she made the decision to travel to Peru, where she met her ex-husband. Norberto Marcos, who was also their producer until the end of 2022, when they separated after 20 years of relationship.

He, a devotee of the Virgin of Fátima, gave him the idea of ​​the stage name. “Since I have had Fátima for so long, I am now Fátima. My mother, my whole family call me Fátima, and it has stuck. Everyone knows me that way, although I also love my original name.” She describes herself, or was described, as a woman who lives a thousand lives and who is normally thinking about work, rehearsals, and scheduled notes. “Keep in mind that I produce myself and I must organize meetings, keep my own agenda…”.

Marijuana legalization

In the Argentine media he has declared that he is in favor of the legalization of marijuana, both recreational and medicinal. “I don’t need to use it, but if it’s good for you, go ahead. I still ask that this not appear in the title, because it doesn’t matter that they’re going to sell marijuana outside a school.” He also says that he is “always in favor of women” and “ending the madness of femicides.”

“It is a beautiful day, a day of hope and joy,” he said after casting his vote. The comedian arrived at her corresponding voting center, in the Palermo neighborhood, after 5 p.m. (1 p.m. this Sunday, peninsular time) to exercise her citizen’s duty.

On Friday she had had a bad time at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, when the audience rebuked her with songs about the libertarian, and Fátima assured that she would be present in the bunker. And she said that she had seen her boyfriend “very well.” “What’s more, he was just telling me that he was watching me on TV. When I was putting the envelope in, he told me: ‘I’m watching you,'” she said. But she avoided talking about her possible role as first lady.

In October, in the other round of the presidential elections, the comedian’s arrival at the school in the Palermo neighborhood and her vote generated a lot of commotion. The police had to close the doors of the establishment once the impersonator crossed them to go to her corresponding table. The event sparked complaints from other voters who were waiting in line and the protests later spread on social networks. She herself decided to clarify what happened: “I have never closed a school in my life, I wouldn’t close it, I don’t have the power to do so. And if I had that power, I would never use it that way,” he said, evoking the best Evita. “Everything they said was terrible, an enormous injustice. I have never done or would do that in my life. So please let’s find out who said that, because the one who looked bad was mommy. And that’s not good. I went to vote in a taxi, I went back with the kids like anyone else and if I have to wait in line for five hours, I do it,” he responded to a journalist.

“What was said hurt me a lot. It’s an uncomfortable place, especially when I didn’t do it, I didn’t ask for it, I wouldn’t ask for it… The only door I open and close is the one to my house. It hurt me a lot because if I If I saw it in another person, it would give me a terrible fight,” he later stressed. On the other hand, she was very evasive about talking about the different political alliances that are being woven around a possible victory for Milei, the La Libertad Avanza candidate facing the runoff.

“I don’t understand anything about politics, I came to work, I come to masquerade, I’m afraid of not making it… Javier is my partner, we’re dating, we’re fine, that’s the only thing I have to tell you, really. We always celebrate “We have such a beautiful relationship, so beautiful that I value it and choose it every day and I am very happy. I am very happy to be by his side,” Fátima responded. At the journalist’s insistence, she was blunt: “I have nothing to say, I can’t give an opinion because I don’t know, let people who know give their opinion. I am dating him, I love him, I accompany him and we are together. Imagine what they are like “Our days are full of activities, both he and I, and we look for moments to see each other. That’s the nice thing I have to convey.”

Fatima Florez She is also a dancer. The first lady and girlfriend of the president-elect of Argentina started with restraint but has gone further. “We are very well, but for the moment I prefer not to talk much. It is very recent,” said the actress, ten years younger than the ultra-liberal leader. The comedian (famous for her imitations) separated from her husband, Norberto Marcos, in March, after 22 years of relationship and after referring to him as “the only man” in her life. His biographer says of Milei that he had practically had no partner in his entire life and this Sunday he turned 54 years old. “Milei had a very difficult life, and that created a very unique profile. A person who had only one friend throughout his life and had a fight with him in 2020: Diego Giacomino, an anarcho-capitalist economist like him. A person who He had his first partner at 47 or 48 years old, the cumbia singer Daniela, which lasted six months. A person who had such a difficult life that he became convinced that Conan’s dog, an English mastiff, was not his dog, but his son. Literally. When the dog died, it confronted him again with that loneliness that accompanied him his entire life. He refused to accept it and in 2017 he had it cloned,” González told The world months ago. The Argentine writer Hola Oloixarac, author of the book Gallery of Argentine celebrities, says that “With her courtship, Milei joined the caste. And Fátima peronizes him, “He has a blonde girlfriend with dark roots, like Peronism historically,” he said. The truth is that in Argentina there are many people who doubt that the romance is not a setup to humanize Milei.