The National Futsal League (LNFS) held a meeting this Wednesday in Madrid with all its associates in which it unanimously agreed to formalize an official request for the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to urgently issue a resolution on the qualification of futsal as a professional sport.

“The Association publicly urges the president of the Higher Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, to offer a response to the request officially presented on October 7, 2022 before the CSD Board of Directors for qualification as a professional, by unanimous agreement of both in the Board of Directors of the Club Association held on May 8, 2020 and in the Assembly on July 7, 2022,” the LNFS said in a statement.

The gathered clubs valued very positively that a historic claim had been addressed and debated on March 14, 2023 in the Congress of Deputies and showed their disagreement with the criteria set forth by the different political parties that voted against professionalization in the Committee on Culture and Sport, since “a comparative offense could be taking place with other sports such as handball and women’s football”.

“The LNFS recalls that the Professional league qualification is a common project, without any ideological nuance and that it is fully qualified, following the mandate of its associated clubs, to legally formalize the request for the CSD to qualify Futsal as a professional sport , as did the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs that resulted in the F League and, later, the Association of Spanish Handball Clubs with the classification of the ASOBAL league as professional”, he adds.

The president of the LNFS, Javier Lozano, obtained the firm support of his associates to continue working in the different legal scenarios. In addition, the LNFS expressed its firm conviction of obtaining a favorable opinion from the CSD’s High Competition General Directorate after presenting an extensive report that detailed the current figures for economic and media return generated by the First Division of Futsal and its clubs. .

Based on the fact that the First Division of Spanish futsal meets the requirements of the Sports Law itself, such as the existence of labor ties between clubs and athletes and the importance and economic dimension of the competition, the members of the LNFS reiterated that professionalization “is the only way to build the sustainable future of sport”.