The Athletic defender specifies the best the team has experienced this season

Yeray attended Mundo Deportivo today at noon in Lezama

Yeray attended Mundo Deportivo yesterday at noon in Lezama

Juan Echeverria

Yeray he points out some of the improvements the team has undergone this season. “Especially on a mental level last year was terrible. The psychological issue affected us after losing the finals. It was clear with the new season you had to get excited again. That’s why we don’t want to go down again ”.

Has the arrival of a psychologist to the first team influenced this aspect? “I can’t tell you because I haven’t worked with him more than once. It is for the people who need it. I suppose of course it will have something to do with it ”. The one from Barakaldo undergoes reviews every six months of the illness he suffered. It is his turn in December. “Everything is great,” he says.

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