Last sighting of ‘El Yoyas’: in a drugstore buying gel and cologne

Carlos Navarro ‘El Yoyas’ He has been in search and capture for four months now after ignoring the order to enter prison. Sentenced to five years and eight months in prison for various crimes of domestic violence against his wife Fayna Bethencourt and his two children, the former contestant of Big Brother He remains free thanks to his close circle, which provides him with logistics and money. He rarely goes out but when he does he does not go unnoticed: this Monday he was seen in a drugstore buying gel and cologne.

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Carlos’ car and his two dogs are in a family home near barcelona. His entire family went there last weekend. His father became angry when he saw several journalists alerted by a tip, and he confronted them: “You leave my family alone, you asshole, get out of here!”. He even threatened them: “As I do my job, both of you go ahead.”

As we said, there are several neighbors who have seen Carlos Navarro in the area and do not report it for fear of reprisals. However, the Mossos d’Esquadra have their hands tied: “If the indication is that he is on private property, you cannot enter,” said the body’s union spokesman, Toni Castejón. He also explains that Carlos’s family is protected by law: “It would not be a crime of concealment because they are parents and siblings. It is a concealment when the crime is very serious and it would not be criminalized, nor did they participate in the crime of abuse.” .

Fayna is not resigned and continues to demand that the law be complied with: “There are exhausting days because it is rowing against the current, but I am not resigned at all. I thank the media for giving me a voice, because my voice is that of many. Thank you to all those people who are there supporting me and who do it out of love without even knowing me in person. Thanks to all those women who encourage me and who have gone through or continue to go through what I went through and with whom that bond unites me invisible which is that of the wounded animal. I hug you very tight in the distance. And we always get up, my dears and continue walking”.