The work past of Belén Esteban: from a babysitter to a waitress at a McDonald’s

She rose to fame in May 1997, when she was first introduced in a media outlet as the girlfriend of Jesulin de Ubrique. Since then, she has been known for no other trade than to make a pilgrimage from one program to another, telling her story until she became the show-woman of Mediasetwhere as soon as she puts on María Patiño’s stockings in Save me as she becomes the star contestant of Big Brother. But before all that, bethlehem esteban He had gone through four low-paying jobs and had even begun to study to improve his job status.

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She told it herself in an interview with The world: “I was training to be a clinical assistant”, has explained. “Very few people know that, but then I had a relationship with Jesús (Jesulín de Ubrique) and my life changed. Until then I had done everything. I had worked taking care of children, ironing, cleaning houses… I even worked at a McDonald’s”.

That young woman, barely 19 years old, did not imagine then that she would become the ‘people’s princess’: “People gave me the name, not me, but I still feel the affection of the public and I feel like that princess,” she said. Her secret, she reveals, is in simplicity: “Fame has not changed me, I am still with my people, traveling to Benidorm and doing simple things, which are what make me happy.”