Miguel Oliveira’s team demands “tougher” sanctions after the incident with Márquez


The Italian MotoGP team, Aprilia RNF, requested “tougher” sanctions on Tuesday after the incident last Sunday at the Portuguese Grand Prix, in which the Spanish rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda) took the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira ahead. (Aprilia), being penalized with a double ‘Long Lap’ for the next race in which he can compete.

“The CryptoDATA RNF MotoGP Team condemns such behavior and advocates tougher penalties to deter future offenders, including the team’s own riders. We urge FIM Stewards to take swift and decisive action against this type of reckless riding, setting an example for younger and future Moto3 and Moto2 riders,” the team said in a statement.

The test in Portimao was marked by the accident carried out by Márquez, who when only two laps had been completed collided with Jorge Martín (Ducati) when trying to overtake him in turn three and took the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira ahead, leaving both out of game. The Spaniard underwent surgery for a fracture in the first metacarpal of his right hand.

“The incident that occurred in the recent race between Marc Márquez and Miguel Oliveira should serve as a wake-up call for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 riders. Therefore, it is imperative that the forcefulness of the punishment for any type of reckless driving be highlighted. and irresponsible,” he added.

Thus, the Italian team returned to condemn the “aggressive” behavior of Cervera. “Racing is high-speed and high-intensity, where every driver wants to win at all costs. However, this aggressive behavior can often have dire consequences, not only for the drivers themselves, but also for the rest of the team.” competitors,” he urged.

“We believe that safety is the top priority in any sport, and MotoGP must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all its riders. We look forward to supporting the FIM Stewards in their efforts to develop a safer and more responsible racing environment.” concluded.