Things have gotten very complicated for the Colombian artist and the former Barça footballer since milan and sasha They have finished their school year in Miami. The reason? The children’s holidays, a point that seemed closed after the tedious negotiations that took place in Barcelona and that is now causing problems again. Reason why the ex-couple’s plans have taken a 180 degree turn: Pique He was going to travel this weekend to Barranquilla (Colombia) to pick up his children and spend two weeks with them, but it will finally be Shakira who moves with both to Barcelona this Sunday.

According to Lorena Vazquez, Piqué already had the ticket and suitcases ready when they have informed him that it would be Shakira who would fly to Barcelona this Sunday to bring their children. Milan and Sasha will stay two weeks with his father, as planned, until June 19. It is unknown if during that time the Colombian will settle in Barcelona or return to her homeland, where she landed just a few days ago to reunite with her family, since the health of her father, William Mebarak, it is again very delicate.

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It is about a last-minute change of plans that has surprised and upset Piqué a lot because, as we said, he already had tickets and suitcases prepared. The agreement reached by the former couple in relation to the custody of the little ones is not working, since she would not entirely agree that the father spends 66% of the vacation periods with Milan and Sasha. In fact, if this point were respected, the children would have to stay by their father’s side much longer than these 17 days that now await them ahead.