about Angelina Jolie y Brad Pitt It already looks like a soap opera. Seven years after signing the divorce, both actors are still in a legal battle for the custody of their minor children and for the property they bought together in French Provence, Château Miraval, a 30-hectare estate with vineyards.

Through her company Nouvel LLC, the actress he sold his 50% of the property in 2021 without, presumably, consulting her ex-husband. Something that the protagonist of Bullet Train has described as “a revenge” because “she is vengeful”.

Daily Mail He has had access to part of the lawsuit that Pitt filed against his ex-wife for having carried out that sale “without her consent” and “irregularly” to the Russian businessman Yuri Shefler. “She sold her interest with the knowledge and intent that Shefler and her affiliates would seek to control the business Pitt had engaged in,” the document read.

The artist believes Jolie specifically chose Shefler because she “knew it would be bad for business” given her ties to Vladimir Putin, specifically because of the “invasion of Ukraine and its homophobic legislative agenda”. “As will be shown at trial, Jolie’s actions were illegal, seriously and intentionally harmed Pitt and he unjustly enriched himself,” the aforementioned British media asserted through the brief filed by the actor’s lawyers in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

This latest lawsuit comes nine months after Angelina filed a $250 million counterclaim against the actor Fight club for trying to “take over” the French winery to “ensure I would never see a cent” of its huge profits.