Last minute of the state of health of Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ after his serious goring

Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordoba’ He is recovering after suffering a serious goring on Saturday, August 12, during the third fertilizer run at the Huesca fair. After being intervened in the infirmary of the square, he was transferred to the San Jorge Hospital, where he is being treated.

Despite the shocking incident last Saturday, Manuel spent the night without fever and his general condition has improved. According to the medical report issued by Dr. Enrique Crespo, the most worrisome wound is on his left hand, where he presents “a blunt wound on the second finger, with a comminuted fracture of the middle phalanx, along with severe soft tissue trauma. “.

The fateful moment occurred during the reception of the first bull of the afternoon, when it attacked with force and Vicky’s ex Martín Berrocal was trapped on the boards of the bullring, resulting in a wound to his left hand and a goring to the thigh. Immediately after the incident, the bullfighter was transferred to the infirmary, where he received urgent medical attention. There he underwent surgery for “a goring in the right Scarpa triangle, with an upper external trajectory and a lower internal trajectory of 20 centimeters, with a serious prognosis.”

Once stabilized, Manuel was transferred to the San Jorge de Huesca hospital, where he will continue his recovery for several days until he is discharged. Despite the difficulties faced, the bullfighter’s positive attitude and determination have been a key factor in his progress towards a speedy recovery.

His daughter, Alba Díaz, spoke out this Sunday afternoon on Instagram so that her followers would do her a favor by lighting a candle for the Virgen del Rocío. Moments later, she posted her thanks via stories.

The last few months have been very special for Manuel Díaz. He not only announced in November of last year the withdrawal of the ring, but in February of this 2023 he removed the great thorn in his life after making official and publicly sealing his reconciliation with his father. At the age of 55, El Cordobés Sr. finally recognized him as his son and opted to recover all the lost time. Virginia Troconis, the wife of Manuel Jr., played a fundamental role in the exciting encounter between father and son. On March 18, the right-hander fought for the first time with his father in the stands. The bullfight was held in Morón de la Frontera.