Rodolfo Sancho will not travel to Thailand this week to meet his son in jail: “It is a matter of security”

daniel sancho29 years old, entered provisional prison on Monday, August 7 after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta 44 years old.

On August 17, Rodolfo Sancho’s son will be placed in ordinary detention and, from then on, the countdown will begin for the trial, which, according to Thai law, must be held within a maximum period of 84 days. Therefore, at the beginning of November, at the latest, the process will have to be held.

His father remains in Fuerteventura with his wife, Toasted Xeniaand her eight-year-old daughter, the little Jimena. Although in recent hours it has been said that she could travel to the Asian country to meet her son for the first time in Thai jail, nothing is further from the truth.

The family spokesmen have conveyed it to the journalist José Ángel Leiras, who told Telecinco this Sunday: “This trip is not going to take place at the moment, Rodolfo prefers to stay in Spain. He knows that this meeting is practically impossible. Surely Also for a security issue it is better to stay in Spain. For the moment that is postponed and he will stay in Spain.”

It must be remembered that the actor’s wife (not the mother of his son), has sent a statement in the last hours with some very significant words: “I have been feeling the need for days to express my concern and the fear that I feel as a mother. No We know if we are safe. My daughter lives completely outside of everything that is happening and it will be that way as long as we can and they allow us to.”

Daniel is charged with premeditated murder and dismembering his alleged victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains. “I’m guilty, but I was Edwin’s hostage. He held me hostage. It was a glass cage, but it was a cage. He made me destroy my relationship with my girlfriend, he forced me to do things I would never have done,” he said. to Efe. This Monday, the criminological office hired by his parents in Spain will receive the documentation of the Thai investigation and this Tuesday there will be a press conference by the Asian police determining the case.