Las Palmas and Fuenlabrada, from power to power

Las Palmas and Fuenlabrada equalized (3-3) in a crazy match that had five goals in the second half, after the Madrid came back two goals behind, and whose final result did not satisfy either of the two teams because they were very close the victory.

The Canarian team had advanced in key moments of the clash, at the end of the first period and beginning of the second, but their rival reacted with the changes and came to turn the scoreboard in just twenty minutes, although in the end they could not keep their advantage and had to settle with a period.

While Pepe Mel presented a local eleven with many new faces compared to the previous season, with only four Canaries in his starting lineup, José Ramón Sandoval gave continuity to the team that had surpassed Lugo.

The yellow coach surprised with the left wing, not only with Extremadura Ale Díez, one of the new signings, who despite being right-handed occupied the place of Dani Castellano, the only left-handed side in the incomplete island squad, but also with the substitution of Benito Ramírez.

The Madrid team tried to make themselves strong behind, without applying high pressure or hindering the ball from the islanders.

The first shot, without aim, was from the visitor Cristóbal, but the most dangerous were Kirian, in minutes 16 and 26 from the front of the area, arriving in the second row.

Later, the wingers Rober and Pejiño, in just one minute, did make Pol Freixenet intervene, in a phase of the first half in which the match began to unravel.

A high header by Kirian from the penalty spot, in another visitor mismatch, was the prelude to the first goal, with a long free kick executed by Álvaro Lemos, who with a great strike surprised the visiting goalkeeper with his stick, somewhat ahead, on the edge of rest.

With the score against, Fuenlabrada had to go for the game, but as soon as he left the locker room he conceded the second goal, after a shot by Rober in which Pol Freixanet left a short rebound towards the side where only Pejiño entered, and the Cadiz winger scored at an empty door.

The Madrid team had a goal disallowed from Pathé Ciss, offside, by unnecessarily prolonging an Iribas shot that seemed to be on the way to the net, but shortly afterwards the visitors got into the fight for points with a header of Nteka, after a rejection of the crossbar to another head of the incorporated Kanté.

Fuenlabrada had a long time ahead not to give up and drew a penalty, signaled by Álex Suárez's hands against Feuillassier; his partner Iban Salvador converted him calmly, with a low shot, deceiving Valles.

The visitor's comeback was culminated by Frenchman Abou Kanté, in an action full of power, starting in the correct position, leaving the center-backs that came out on his gallop, dribbling the goalkeeper and scoring on an empty goal.

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When it seemed that the three points were flying for the capital of Spain, Clau Mendes, a pass from Kirian, connected a strong left foot low inside the area that beat Pol Freixanet.

Even in the extension time, Valles saved Las Palmas from defeat with a great save after a point-blank shot from Diéguez, in a totally uncontrolled end of the game.

Data sheet:

UD Las Palmas: Álvaro Valles; Álvaro Lemos, Álex Suárez, Eric Curbelo, Ale Díez; Sergio Ruiz; Rober (Clau Mendes, min. 77), Loiodice (Clemente, min. 65), Kirian, Pejiño (Benito Ramírez, min. 59); and Edu Espiau (Araujo, min. 59).

CF Fuenlabrada: Pol Freixanet; Iribas, Sotillos (Diéguez, min. 80), Juanma, Glauder (Pol Valentín, min. 56); Iban Salvador, Cristóbal (Óscar Pinchi, min. 65), Pathé Ciss, Álex Mula (Feuillassier, min. 56); Nteka and Tahiru (Kanté, min. 46).

Goals: 1-0, min. 45: Álvaro Lemos. 2-0, min. 48: Little boy. 2-1, min. 64: Nteka. 2-2, min. 79: Iban Salvador, from a penalty. 2-3, min. 84: Kanté. 3-3, min. 90: Clau Mendes.

Referee: Rubén Ávalos Barrera (Catalan Committee). He showed a yellow card to local players Edu Espiau, Eric Curbelo, Pejiño, Loiodice, Clau Mendes and Araujo, and to visitors Glauder, Iban Salvador and Óscar Pinchi.

Incidents: Match of the second day of LaLiga SmartBank played without an audience at the Gran Canaria Stadium.