Nico: “We are prioritizing the hunger for signings”

Tete Morente: “He is a signing with many positive things for this project. What would stand out the most is his versatility. Can move with quality through different positions in the center of the field. He is a very hungry footballer. “

Raul Guti: “It is an investment made by the club to capitalize on the entity. The sights are also on the future. The sporting level he has is important for this squad. He is a very complete player who comes to interpret the values ​​that the coach asks of us. He does not want to miss the opportunity to play in First Division. “

Lucas Boyé: “He comes with a certain background and very much in line with what the coach demands: intensity and combative. I'm sure Jorge (Almirón) will know how to get the most out of it. “

Planning: “We are not given to excuses, we simply face things as they come. The lack of days does not depend on us, we are working at forced marches. I see it with optimism for the work that is being developed from all the departments and with the utmost enthusiasm. “

Pending transfers: “There are still many people to come. We do not close profiles. It has become clear that we are prioritizing hunger. They are multipurpose reinforcements that can occupy several demarcations. When operations are carried out, we will be able to relocate footballers. Everything is consensual and with the highest hope placed on them. “

Budget: “We follow the roadmap. We are going to be the last team on the budget table so I can't say we're happy, But that's what there is. We have been the last to arrive. We are going to make a good team with what we have. I hope that all the investments will get a good return, looking at the economy. “

Competition for Edgar Badia: “We have a level goalkeeper and that makes us very calm, but our obligation is to bring competence in all positions. And we will bet on the best possible. “

Squad sensations: “What has characterized this group is unity. Everyone is going to be necessary and essential. Jorge (Almirón) is very clear about what he has demanded and what he has asked for. Assuming all these player profiles and qualities, I once again emphasize the unit and this dressing room has always been, is and will be necessary to carry out the objectives. “

Departures: “We are awaiting the subject of Claudio Medina. There is something else, but we still have to be cautious about what might happen. “

Final straight of the market: “Until October 5 it will be intense. Due to the protocol of the PCR tests, we are against the clock for Saturday. Tete has been able to join quickly, but others have to set other guidelines because they come from abroad and that makes it difficult to have them on Saturday, in addition to the work that the coach will require. In sports, it is added that the protocols mark us a rigor like the one followed until now. The behavior of the squad has been exemplary and the results are there. “