0-0: A point of solidity

Second day, second tie. La Real added a new point in Anoeta against Real Madrid in a match in which they had to resist, especially before the break, and in which, without showing the hallmarks that dazzled last season, they successfully defended their area and had two clear chances to get ahead.

The box Imanol
Sheriff, who lined Guevara alongside Merino in midfield in the face of countless casualties, offered worrying symptoms during the first half. With Oyarzabal back in the 'eleven' playing almost parallel to Isak, was outperformed by Real Madrid, with Odegaard holder, more comfortable. The excellent game of the centrals, especially of Airtz, prevented the domain from being translated into more clear occasions, but the feeling was one of uncertainty, almost of helplessness.

La Real did not play, they resisted. He had to wait 20 minutes to combine for the first time in the rival field, the result of Merino's sublime driving after a house-brand turnaround. The center of Aihen it was cleared at the far post, but at least it was a respite that, yes, did not change the script.

While the txuri urdin doubted how to get the ball (Isak does not lower leathers in long and Madrid pressed well in short), those of Zinedine
Zidane they were finding more and more access routes to the surroundings of the txuri urdin area. Mendy began to get inside to generate superiorities. Rodrygo, with space, began to attack Gorosabel, either with the leather or on the back. The centers were succeeded by both bands although the interventions of Aritz and You
Normand they smothered the fire.

In fact, the great merengue chance in the first half came after an error in the ball out of Remiro, pressed closely by Benzema. The leather went to the feet of Rodrygo and ended in those of the Frenchman, who cut the goal but crossed in excess.

It was minute 43 and, curiously, the shock gave way to the great opportunity txuri urdin. In a similar play, although in the other area, Barrenetxea recovered in pressure, connected with Oyarzabal who attended Isak. The Swede, somewhat heeled, kicked with his right, but Courtois took out an imperial foot.

The rhythm was maintained during the first minutes of the second half, in which the Real touched the goal with the tips of their fingers. He savored it. In a great individual action of Gorosabel, notable in offensive aspects, the full-back enabled For your, which left facing Oyarzabal. The '10' found Barrenetxea, who crossed at the first touch with his left. The ball passed Courtois and when the goal was sung (it would have been sung if there had been an audience), the leather left kissing the post.

La Real got rid of the merengue pressure without finding the handle of the game, without shining. In a more uncontrolled phase of the match, in which the legs began to weigh, the performance of Aritz, which went from outstanding to imperial, kept the offensives of the whole of Zidane.

At 62 minutes appeared David
Silva. His first contact with his domain, with his new kingdom. The Canarian star, still out of rhythm, barely came into contact with the ball, although he had a shot from the front in the 83rd minute that could trigger the euphoria. He has two years ahead to cast a spell on a parish that was sorely missed yesterday.

The duel died with the first minutes of Gonzalez
Zarate and with Aritz, of course, clearing one last ball. La Real added a new draw in a duel in which, without finding their best version, they knew how to exchange blows against the champion. The first victory must wait.

Royal Society: Remiro; Gorosabel, Aritz, Le Normand, Aihen; Guevara (gonzález de Zárate, m.89), Merino, Portu, Barrenetxea (Bauista, m.74); Oyarzabal (Januzaj, m.74), Isak (Silva, m.62).

Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Meny; Kroos, Modric (Casemiro, m.69), Odegaard (Valverde, m.69); Vinicius (Arribas, m.90), Benzema, Rodrygo (Marvin, m.69).

Referee: Martínez Munuera. Yellows to Barrenetxea (m. 24) and Aihen (m. 33), from Real, and Mendy (m. 29), from Real Madrid.