Las Fallas 2024 will have the first monument dedicated entirely to Paralympic sport


The Castellón-Segorbe Falla in Valencia will ‘plant’ the first Fallas monuments dedicated entirely to Paralympic sport in 2024, coinciding with the year of the Paralympic Games in Paris.

The Falla Commission commissioned the artist Carlos Carsí with a project based on the values ​​of sport practiced by people with disabilities, in order to make this group visible as well as to value their successes in recent years.

To this will also be added the motif of the children’s monument, designed by Fet d’encarrec, the project of the artists Marisa Falcó and Paco Pellicer, who will work on the difficulties that young people with disabilities encounter to practice this type of discipline, at the same time that will try to be educational for fathers and mothers who have children with any type of disability.

The Falla Castellón-Segorbe, which has the collaboration of the Spanish Paralympic Committee in this project, will seek to give these athletes the greatest possible role, always under the critical prism of the festivities, in a year that will also recover the Games in Paris 2024, after the delay due to the pandemic that led to the celebration of those played in Tokyo.

Likewise, Castellón-Segorbe will carry out monthly activities related to the world of sport and disability, in search of understanding and integration by any type of profile. The Valencian Community has long become a nursery for Paralympic leaders in various disciplines, as well as a key territory for the support and practice of these activities, both at an amateur and professional level.