Lara Dibildos does not want to live with her boyfriend, Carlos Maturana: “I am happy at home with my dog”

At 52 years old, the actress Lara Dibildos He has very clear priorities in his life: “Live the moment intensely and enjoy the now. And tomorrow God will say.” Therefore, although she has been very excited about the model for some time now Carlos Maturana, she prefers not to label her relationship or dream of something stable, but rather to let herself go. “Many times we try to go far in life, but no, we have to stop and live for today. I am very well today, I try to enjoy it, I am in it,” he said smiling this Tuesday, November 28 at the premiere of Bardotby Sundance TV.

Accompanied by her representative, Lara has acknowledged that at the moment she has not considered living together with her new dream and has openly confessed that when one gets used to living alone it is “very difficult” to share her space. “Those are things that arise over time, I will face them. For now I am happy alone at home with my dog.”

His loneliness will end, however, this summer, when his little son, Alvaro17 years old, and with whom she says she is very close, returns to Madrid: “The other one is working, he won’t be able to,” she said of Fran, who already lives with his girlfriend in the United States. “I try to be a cool mother-in-law and I think she likes me,” said the actress, who is also a former cool mother-in-law, because she spoke in that funny way about the relationship between Alvaro Muñoz Escassi y María José Suarez: “I hope they get married, it would be a fun wedding. I would love it, I would be happy. She is a great aunt and he… what can I say…”