Lucía Rivera speaks after Cayetano was caught in Las Ventas: “My father is too brave”

He has enjoyed little Lucia Rivera of your last vacation in Mallorca. The model was on the island resting for a few days when last Friday, May 24, she found out by phone about the spectacular fuck that her father suffered. Cayetano Rivera, at the San Isidro Fair in Madrid when the bull that was on the albero dragged him, stepped on him and caused several bruises. The right-hander continued his work, but then went to the hospital where the first published medical report revealed that he had had to be treated for having “superficial bruises and erosions, cervical contusion pending radiological study, erosion with hematoma in the scrotum, right parietal region and face.” front of the left thigh”.

“Everything caught me in Mallorca and I was very scared, but thank God everything is fine, He’s fine within the limits. He is healthy“, Lucía said this Tuesday, May 28, upon her return to Madrid, where she attended the photocall for the premiere of Bardot, from Sundance TV. There, the model explained that she was not surprised that after her scare her father returned two days later to take the cape: “He is very brave, for me too brave. But what he has is a lot of passion, it is his life. And he also has a lot of drive.”

The day Cayetano was caught, the one who was present in the bullring having a bad time was his cousin Tana: “We both grew up in that environment but maybe I handle it differently, I get more scared with everything because I am very protective. And I don’t go to the square to see my father because he won’t let me.“, he said before explaining: “I support him in everything, but I have a very bad time, notice that I grew up seeing everything, but I try not to go because it makes me very anxious and very panicky.. In fact, I once took a friend to the bulls and she was so scared that I told her: ‘Look, I don’t think I even have to come.’ “You get very scared.”

Despite this great shock, the daughter of Blanca Romero He confessed that he is “surprisingly fine” with his anxiety, although he is still in therapy. “I’m in a good moment. The sun is coming out and my spirits are up,” said the young woman, who in her sentimental sense seems to prefer not to tie herself to any relationship: “I am free as the wind, there is nothing better than being single and happy with myself. I am single, but not alone. And I don’t think I could have a partner right now because I am very well alone and I travel a lot”he finished.