Joan Laporta, despite the fact that FC Barcelona has remained firm in the Super League project together with Real Madrid, had not yet spoken about this controversial project that has raised so many blisters and adverse reactions in European football. After joining the Super League last Saturday, along with eleven other founding partners, the project chaired by Florentino Pérez has been staggering in recent days, until Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are practically alone, as the rest of the signing clubs have decided to abandon ship under pressure from UEFA and their own fans .

Florentino Pérez has tried in two almost consecutive public appearances to explain his project, although with little success, seeing the continuous bleeding of clubs that have been disappearing from the Super League map, starting with the six English and ending with the three Italians and one Spanish. To this day, only Real Madrid and Barcelona maintain their aspirations to continue with this project of founding a parallel Champions League.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Laporta's opinion about the Super League was missing and the Blaugrana president has spoken this morning taking advantage of his visit to the Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament that is being held these days in Barcelona. The leader acknowledged to the TV3 cameras that he considers the Super League as “a necessity”, although he clarified that the final decision for the Blaugrana club to continue championing this project “is in the hands of the members, as it should be”. And it is that Laporta put Florentino as a condition to sign the founding document, along with the rest of eleven clubs, which would have to be approved by the compromise members in the Assembly so that the participation of FC Barcelona was official in all senses.

“The greats contribute a lot of resources and we have to say our opinion on the economic distribution,” added the Blaugrana leader. clearly adhering to Florentino's postulates that the current format of the Champions League must be modified to allow the survival of the big clubs, harassed by debts and the reduction of income due to the pandemic. In addition, in the afternoon, the president of Barça qualified Piqué on Spanish Television, who this Thursday wrote on Twitter that “football belongs to the fans. Today more than ever.” Well, Laporta pointed out: “Football belongs to the fans, but the fans want quality football. And for that you need resources “.