LaLiga maintains the pulse with the Government to reopen the stadiums to fans before the end of the season. They have a plan to do it safely, in which they have been working for a year, and they feel harmed since in other sports and other cultural events the presence of the public is allowed. Although the time seemed near when the doors of the First and Second fields would reopen for their fans, the latest statements from the Minister of Sports and the Minister of Health have driven him away,

Faced with these statements, LaLiga has again stepped out and has asked the Government to give up the powers to decide whether or not the stadiums can be opened to the Autonomous Communities, as happens in non-professional sports. Since there is the situation that in Second B there is public in the stands and in First and Second not. “We request the return to the public according to the health situation of each Autonomous Community,” says the employer in a statement. Since they consider that this matter should be decided according to the epidemiological situation of each Community. What's more, they emphasize that having played almost the entire championship without fans and doing it with them in the stands in recent days “does not affect the integrity of the competition.”

LaLiga statement

“Regarding the declarations of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in which she affirms that she does not consider it” advisable “to have an audience in the stadiums for the remainder of the season, LaLiga declares the following:

-We request the return to the public according to the health situation of each Autonomous Community, relegating the final decision on them and respecting all the appropriate measures, as is happening so far with various sporting events and of any other nature.

-The request to return the public to the stadiums has been unanimously approved by the LaLiga Delegate Committee, made up of 14 of the 42 clubs that make up LaLiga, even taking into account and being aware that there would be clubs that may not have an audience , if your Autonomous Community so requires.

-The clubs consider that this situation does not affect the integrity of the competition.

-LaLiga is going to try to urgently reconsider this decision, calling for an urgent meeting with the professional basketball league, the ACB, which is the other major victim of this measure that we consider discriminatory and incoherent “.

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