The Real Madrid, with an impeccable penalty shootout with Courtois and the decisive goal of Sergio Bouquets, raised the title of the Spanish Super Cup 2020 before him Atleti in the King Abdullah Stadium of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to continue expanding his record with much suffering and with great protagonists on the ‘green’.

The derby for the title of Super champion was marked by the blunder of Fede Valverde almost at the mouth of the goal and for his subsequent expulsion after committing a foul on Morata when the ‘9’ rojiblanco faced Courtois. Further, Rodrygo, to his 18 years, was fundamental with his goal for the squad in the second penalty of the round. None of this has gone unnoticed for Toni Kroos.

The German midfielder has confessed in the mixed zone that he is “a difficult player against the Atleti”, But he thinks they deserved to win and they got it in a big round of penalties with Saul failing the first rojiblanco and Thomas the second for a break from Courtois -Trippier scored the third. The Madrid, on the other hand, he put the four through Carvajal, Rodrygo, Modric and Bouquets.

Kroos has revealed that he knows that “Rodrygo pulls the penalties very well ”. “I told him that he had to throw,” he explains. Also, the Bavarian, about the expulsion of Valverde, affirms that “Morata I had a very good chance and it could be a goal. ” “It has helped us at that time because we finished 0-0”, sentence Kroos, one of the best in Madrid going from less to more.