He has felt absolutely betrayed. Two days after his wedding, Kiko Matamoros it’s smoking He, who promised them happiness, not only because of his wedding with Marta Lopez Alamowhich is this coming Friday, June 2 at the Hotel Ritz, but rather with the pasture that he was going to collect with the exclusive, in several installments, that he had placed in the magazine Lectures.

“He’s going to win a pasture,” said his classmates. Save me. The first he has gone out with Marta dressed as grooms, making it clear that they are not superstitious, and taking into account that since it is a wedding in a church they will not be able to protect the exclusive. In this way, the magazine has secured the exclusive position. Already on Friday she will have the wedding with the multitude of her famous friends and to end the honeymoon, which she promises to be in a hidden paradise in the sun.

However, there is something that has caused Matamoros to explode. “It’s going up the walls,” he assures Informalia one of his program mates. “To the point of wanting to unilaterally break the contract with the magazine,” they warn us. Apparently, Kiko has cried out to heaven knowing that makoke he would star in the cover that they were going to star in and on top of that attacking him.

“It seems to him a lack of respect and a betrayal on the part of the magazine,” they tell us. “He has a very good relationship with the director of the publication, Luis Pliego, one could say that of friendship, but this has seemed to him the biggest ugly thing that anyone has ever done to him. He has made the cross. As I understand it, he called him and He told him anything but pretty. He told him that he was breaking the exclusive and that he was not going to do it, that he should forget about the exclusive,” this person tells us.

Apparently, according to what this person tells us, Kiko found out on Tuesday, the day before the cover came out, and he screamed to heaven. “Today the exclusive is in the air,” they tell us. “She thought it was a very ugly maneuver on the part of the publication. In addition to Marta’s displeasure for appearing next to Makoke dressed as a bride. Kiko will not forgive him for that,” they tell us.

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Kiko and Makoke separated a little over two years ago and since then they have hated each other to such an extent that they will both face each other in court. Fundamentally for the house in the prestigious La Finca Urbanization in the Madrid town of Pozuelo de Alarcón where they lived and on which a mortgage still weighs. Makoke lives there with the daughter they have in common, Anita Matamoroswith whom Jorge Javier Vázquez’s collaborator does not speak.

Hence, the former flight attendant Telecoupon He has made several exclusives giving birth to him, like this week’s. In it, he also poses with his son Javier Tudela, in the case of his father, of the same name. “I’m not going to see Kiko’s wedding. I’m not going to be in Spain. Besides, I’m not interested.” And she has finished: “Now that she is getting married by the Church, and with God as her witness, I hope that she does better and that she does not lie.”

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Makoke also talks about the lawsuit he has with him: “We are going to wait for the trial to come out, for now, the investigation has gone very well. I have the truth. It is hard, yes, and you have to be strong, I cannot afford the luxury of being weak. There are people who want me to sink, but they are not going to get it,” he says.

With this scenario it is normal for Matamoros to be pissed off and a lot. He would never have expected something like this from the magazine that has been dancing the water for him to buy his wedding. But there are still two days left to resolve the conflict. We’ll see what happens.