The Barcelona It intends to close this week the first of the agreements authorized by the Assembly of delegates and that will activate one of the economic levers that, according to the plans of the board of directors, will take the club out of the financial quagmire in which it is located. The partners authorized the sale of 49.9% of BLM and the transfer of up to 25% of the television rights for a period of up to 25 years. The Barcelona club expects to enter some 600 million for these sales, according to what was expressed by Joan Laporta in the Assembly.

The goal was close deals and activate the levers before June 30, in order to include them in the year-end closing. However, although there were very advanced talks on both the TV rights agreement as in the BLM, the latter has stalled. Right now, it is most likely that the sale of television assets will be included in the closing of the 2021-22 season, with which the objective of closing with a profit would already be met, and the BLM agreement will close in June, before the July 31st.

With the agreement of BLM in July, the income could not be included in the settlement of the 21-22 financial year, but it would compute to rebalance own funds and, therefore, would generate ‘fair play. The objectives of the levers are two: close the exercise with profits after the losses of recent years and improve the conditions for registering players.

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