Kate Winslet, broken down in tears, stands before social networks: “For the mental health of our children”

Red-eyed with emotion, one hand on his prize and the other emphasizing his words. This is how the British star broke in Kate Winslet at the television Baftas, where she received the award for best leading actress for her work in I am Ruthfrom Channel 4.

She was sitting with her daughter, Mia Threapleton. Suddenly, her name, Kate Winslet, was heard as the winner. The actress hugged Mia and together they burst into tears of emotion. the star of Titanic47, looked stunning in a halter-neck black dress.

Mia was crying. Kate kissed her daughter’s hair. She took the stage and delivered a moving speech. The words of a mother, like so many other mothers, that she must face a reality: the online world and social networks and the impact that she has on her adolescent children. “If I could cut this award in two, I would give half to my daughter Mia. We have done this together. For these days of agony for her, for how deep she dug into that sometimes terrifying emotional territory, it took my breath away. “, said. Mia listened to her and she just cried.

“I am Ruth is a film that has been made by fathers, by mothers and by their children. By families who feel they are held hostage to the danger of the online world and by parents who believe they can still communicate with their teenage children, but in reality they can’t, and by young people who are addicted to social media and its darker side, this has to be your life.”

Kate then addressed the people at the top, “in power”, and challenged them to change the rules: “Please make damaged content illegal. Remove harmful content. We don’t want them. We want our children back.” . The silence was sepulchral. “I don’t want our children’s mental health to give us away. To any young people who may be listening and feel trapped in this insane world, please ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help.” With a broken voice, she spoke as a mother and as a woman. On a breath she slipped a “thank you.”