Julio José Iglesias and his new Cuban girlfriend warm up for their next exclusive

The Iglesias-Preysler-Boyer family It is a source of economic income that does not cease over the years. If for decades it has been Isabella Preysler the most profitable of the saga as an advertising icon and exclusive millionaires, her children have inherited this privilege of being chosen by luxury brands, which pay fortunes to have them as their image.

The last to join the top is Anna Boyer Preysler; until years ago, the most discreet and visible of the family. Now, the wife of tennis player Fernando Verdasco is already beginning to compete with her sister Tamara, ‘ambassador’ of Porcelanosa, Sisley, the Mandarin Ritz Hotel, Pedro del Hierro and other important brands. Her promotion of Carolina Herrera’s haute couture, her signature that dressed her as a bride and, on the other hand, her tour of the hotels and resorts on her honeymoon, have made her wedding a big bussiness.

But let’s go back to her younger sister Ana, one of the influencers with whom the Rabat jewelers do their campaigns. Ana has just been named an ambassador for KIA, the luxury cars that she promotes Rafael Nadal.

The Korean manufacturer has chosen the daughter of Miguel Boyer to give visibility to its ERV6 GT model, which can be around 74,000 euros, a gift from home, in which we will see her driving with her two children, because Ana appreciates above all the safety of this electric model, reported in the KIA press.

With the exception of Enrique Iglesias, who does not pose as an advertising model, nor does he do exclusive paid reports, Isabel Preysler’s children began to get rich a long time ago by selling their lives or lending their image. Tamara and Ana are not the only ones who make their last names profitable.

Julio José has just introduced his new girlfriend when a few months ago, in November, he posed with the previous one, the Brazilian model Live by Dominicwhich he forced to dress up as a ghost to advertise a jewelry collection called Ghost, ghost in English.

Susana Uribarrithe manager of Julio Iglesias’ eldest son, ‘sold’ that implausible courtship, the breakup of which confirms our suspicions that it was a publicity stunt.

The new girlfriend, or whatever, of Julio José Iglesias Junior is the Cuban ariadna romero (bottom image), divorced and with a son, a model by profession, like the only wife of the son of singer Julio Iglesias up to now, the Dutch model Charles Verhaert. The marriage lasted several years and their divorce was discreet, after they avoided going to trial and negotiated an agreement that has never been made public.

Julio and his model are already warming up for the next exclusive of Holaexplaining once again, the depth of some loves, which have the appearance of montages.