Jenni Hermoso: “I feel like I’m close to winning something with the national team”


The Spanish international Jenni Hermoso has assured that this Tuesday’s game, against Sweden in the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, is “the consequence of millions of training sessions and sacrificing many things”, and has acknowledged that she feels “close to ” of “winning something with the national team”.

“For me, playing for Barça has been one of my best moments in football, I’ve won absolutely everything. Winning a ‘Champions’ is something I’ve always had in mind, since I can remember, you have that trophy in I was able to win it, I was able to enjoy it. I also said that I hope I didn’t leave this team without winning something with my team. I’m so close, I’m playing in the semifinals, to be able to play a possible final with Spain…”, He pointed out at the press conference prior to the meeting.

In this sense, he showed his desire to be able to complete a milestone with the Spanish team. “I feel proud to wear this shirt, to represent my country and I want to go for it. If I achieve this, I hope that I have many more games left to experience many more things,” he said. “If there are no nerves, something is not going well. You always have to feel it in your stomach. Also with the desire and illusion of being in that final, but before that there is tomorrow’s game,” she explained.

In addition, the Mexican Pachuca striker highlighted that the players have won the semifinals of the World Cup, for which they have been working for many years. “Tomorrow’s game is the consequence of millions of training sessions, of many moments that we have gone through, in which it has been difficult for us to be away from the family, to sacrifice many things…”, she stressed.

“Being able to enjoy the match that comes tomorrow, I’m not going to say it’s a prize or a gift because, personally, I’ve worked hard, I’ve worked hard to be here today. I just want to enjoy it, for the team to enjoy it and for all Spain is also with us”, he continued.

Regarding the expectation that the team has unleashed, she admitted that she was impressed, especially since a very short time ago there were “between five and ten people in the press room and 300 in the stands”. “I feel privileged and very proud to be part of everything that has happened in women’s soccer,” she said.

“I want to thank all those who from the beginning have laid the foundations so that we can enjoy it today. I am lucky to be able to enjoy it today and I want to continue working so that this continues to progress and that in the future all those girls and the new generations can enjoy it even more and can continue to fill stadiums and press conferences,” he added.

In another order of things, he stated that the Swedish footballers are “fast and forceful”. “For us it is our first semifinal, but I see the team more motivated than ever, sure of itself. I don’t remember what happened before,” he said.

Finally, he recalled the day of “emotions” against the Netherlands. “I did not stop crying, I kept crying in the hotel for a long time. We have been through so many things together! Today I am lucky, like Alexia -Putellas- and Irene -Paredes-, to be in this present so that there is a much more future nice,” he finished.