Julio Iglesias generated a great surprise on March 8 when he appeared on the cover of the salute magazine defending Isabella Preysler after their breakup Mario Vargas Llosa. March is being intense for him, because just a few weeks later he has announced his memories. Our international singer, father of eight children, has a lot to tell at 79 years of age. He turns 80 on September 23.

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“I’m finally starting to write my memoirs. I hope it doesn’t stop. And without realizing it, little by little I’m filling myself with nostalgia. I always tell myself that nostalgia is a bit of going back, but without going back you can’t write your life”, he wrote this Thursday on his Instagram profile.

the singer of I forgot to live He added: “I really want these memories to make you laugh and cry, the two emotions together are actually life itself.” The artist, who lives in the Dominican Republic with Miranda Rijnsburgerhas accompanied the announcement with the song of Impossible love (Farolelo): “When I hear this song I smile and I am filled with memories. What great luck it is to know the two feelings to learn to live”.

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The song goes like this: “I would be a lantern if you became a lantern to wait for me at night, illuminated but alone. I would be a sailor if you became a seagull. But you do not have wings if my boat no longer floats. For what reason the years go by Leaving footprints as we pass by. Our love is impossible. You are a river fish, I am a sea fish. I would be a sweeper if you made yourself a broom to take you in my arms and sweep your bedroom together…”.

The comment wall has been filled with emotionally charged messages from his followers, who are eagerly awaiting the publication of the book about his experiences. “What a joy! I hope they come out soon,” wrote Paula Echevarría, an admirer of the artist from I’m a knave, I’m a lord.

A few weeks ago, Julio appeared on the cover of Hola breaking with his habitual secrecy. He did it to defend the mother of his three eldest children in the midst of a media storm: “Mr. Vargas Llosa has left much to be desired,” he pointed out bluntly. After months, even years, of worrying rumors about his state of health, the singer has denied on some occasion that his state is delicate, he has simply spoken of the ailments of age, since the passage of time is inevitable for all.

“Not even a great athlete can be asked to be able to play sports at 78 in the same way that I did at 20. I have a splendid family, and a woman whom I love with all my soul,” he told through their social networks in August 2021.