Juancho Hernangómez: “We all have to go one step further and be focused”


The player of the Spanish team Juancho Hernangómez acknowledged that “everyone” in the team has to “go a step further” and “be more focused” ahead of their debut in the second phase of Mundobasket 2023 against Latvia, “a very dangerous team “, before which Spain will compete with “12 great talents” capable of “leading”.

“To come out strong from the beginning, to prepare the game as well as possible and to fight as always. (Latvia) It is a very dangerous team, it is a team that plays with five open points, shoots a lot of triples, it has already won in France, we know that It is a team that plays without fear, without pressure”, analyzed the man from Madrid in statements shared by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB).

For Juancho, the recipe to “stop them” will be to “defend them well” and “be tough.” “We all have to go one step further, we all have to be focused. This is the good thing about being a team, that when one doesn’t have the day, another comes out. Spain has 12 great talents and each one can lead this team,” he settled the player, before the duel this Friday (11.45/La 2) against the Latvians, already in the second phase of the tournament.